Video / Chris Sacca on Social Nets & Social Shopping

Posted on 21 June 2010

Here’s an interesting Forbes video with Chris Sacca, ex-Google backer of Twitter, Gowalla and Swipely on the future of social networking and social commerce…

Top takeout

People will do more real stuff with social nets….

  • Making online surfing and shopping more social – linking the stuff you do and watch online to your social networks, linking the friends who talk about products online, to the online stores you shop at, bringing your friends shopping with you via you mobile – and paying by mobile.
  • The Rise of the Authenticated Web: websites will increasingly allow people to log in with social network authentication, and this will improve online netiquette (comments will be public to your social circles) – this rise of user authenticity.

As a precursor to this age of social commerce, Chris points to the current “Haul Videos” trend - show and tell videos on YouTube (150K and counting) from shopping expeditions.

Article courtesy of Social Commerce Today

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