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Google’s new Arts & Culture app brings the world’s art, virtual tours and more to your smartphone

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Wydr is Tinder for buying art

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Who’s Working the Most #Overtime, According to Instagram?

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Americans are known as some of the hardest-working people in the world. According to a Gallup poll, Americans work an average of 47 hours per week, and nearly 40 percent work more than 50 hours per week. Human-resources and payroll services provider Paychex analysed 150,000 Instagram posts using the hashtag #Overtime to gain insight on when and where people are working the most overtime.


According to the data, March is the peak time for American workers to clock #overtime, with March posts increasing 24 percent over February. Overtime posts on Instagram plunge in May and maintain a low plateau throughout the summer. And people generally work more overtime on Saturdays than any other day of the week.


California and Hawaii topped the list of states where people clocked the most overtime, while West Virginia, Vermont and Montana residents clocked the least. With the exception of Nevada, the states where people posted most about overtime were also among the most expensive places to live in the country.


While “work” was the most frequently used word combined with #overtime, the construction industry was most mentioned in overtime posts on Instagram, followed by art, welding and hair.  

Take a look at the full report for more charts and data.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes

Apps as anime characters

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Apps as anime characters

Google unveils a gigapixel ‘Art Camera’ that lets you view paintings down to the brushstrokes

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Curioos Opens Up Marketplace For Its Digital Art Platform

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Unseen Art Is Crowdfunding An Open Source Platform To Make Fine Art Accessible Via 3D Printing

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Unseen Art

ArtLifting Raises $1.1 Million To Help The Homeless Sell Their Art

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Ascribe Raises $2 Million To Ensure You Get Credit For Your Art

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Curioos Augmented Reality App Lets You Preview Art on Your Walls

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When picking out the perfect piece of art online, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine what a full-size piece will look like on the wall, when viewing only a small thumbnail online. Enter Curioos, the digital art marketplace, which now offers a mobile app for viewing art pieces in augmented reality, as though they were already in your home.

To use the app, art lovers print out a tracker and place it on their wall, to act as a placeholder for their new piece of art. Back on the computer, users can browse the Curioos website to access over 5,000 pieces via augmented reality.

When users find an item they’d like to view in their space, they click a “Preview” button to receive a code which must be typed into the app to activate the augmented reality view for that piece.

After the piece is activated within the app, users direct their device’s camera to the placeholder tracker, and the image appears on the wall, in the proper scale. Users can toggle different sizing options, change the piece’s frame for a different look, bookmark pieces to their “favorites” for easier browsing later, or take photos and share them with others via text, email or social networks. Any favorites are logged within the app, so user’s aren’t required to enter their codes to go back to them later on.

The Curioos app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. If the process sounds familiar, Pixels.com released its augmented reality, art-viewing app last July.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

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