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Curioos Augmented Reality App Lets You Preview Art on Your Walls

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When picking out the perfect piece of art online, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine what a full-size piece will look like on the wall, when viewing only a small thumbnail online. Enter Curioos, the digital art marketplace, which now offers a mobile app for viewing art pieces in augmented reality, as though they were already in your home.

To use the app, art lovers print out a tracker and place it on their wall, to act as a placeholder for their new piece of art. Back on the computer, users can browse the Curioos website to access over 5,000 pieces via augmented reality.

When users find an item they’d like to view in their space, they click a “Preview” button to receive a code which must be typed into the app to activate the augmented reality view for that piece.

After the piece is activated within the app, users direct their device’s camera to the placeholder tracker, and the image appears on the wall, in the proper scale. Users can toggle different sizing options, change the piece’s frame for a different look, bookmark pieces to their “favorites” for easier browsing later, or take photos and share them with others via text, email or social networks. Any favorites are logged within the app, so user’s aren’t required to enter their codes to go back to them later on.

The Curioos app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. If the process sounds familiar, Pixels.com released its augmented reality, art-viewing app last July.

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Flickr Now Lets You Buy Wall Art From Professional Photographers And Creative Commons

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eBay To Host Live Art Auctions On New Site

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Makerbot Releases Zee, A Blank Canvas For Artists

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Art Everywhere

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Tokyo-Based Artist Arrested For 3D Printing Her Vagina

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A Lens For The Love Of Photography

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Artist Helps You Become Him With The URME Mask

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Monegraph Uses Bitcoin Tech So Internet Artists Can Establish “Original” Copies Of Their Work

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Google To Help Turn Bits Into Beaux Arts With New DevArt Project

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Google is launching a broad new effort to support the arts, in a way particularly appropriate to its role and business, with a project called DevArt that highlights modern artists using technology in general, and code in particular, to create their work.

The project will kick-off as an exhibit in The Barbican performing arts center in London, complete with four separate art installations. To prepare for that, Google is calling for developers to fill one of those spots to exhibit alongside three featured artists who’ve already been chosen to show their stuff, and who are featured in the videos below.

Zach Lieberman

Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet

Karsten Schmidt

Google commissioned the artists to create brand new interactive installations for the inaugural show, using Google APIs, as well as its web products and services. Some of the technologies involve include Kinect, Unity, WebGl, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Google+, Maps, Twitter and YouTube to name just a few. Those chosen by Google to participate are going to be maintaining an ongoing log of their progress with the exhibits, via Project Pages run by each artist.

If you think you’ve got the coding skills to be the next Hacktisse (that’s terrible but it’s the best I can do) then you can enter to be the fourth exhibitor at this summer’s exhibition via Google’s DevArt website. Submissions are tracked via GitHub, and entries must be submitted by March 28 to be considered, with the winner revealed April 15, 2014.

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