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Dropbox Does Deutsche Telekom Deal To Be Preloaded On Handsets In Europe

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Deutsche Telekom & Xyo

Backed By Ex-Nokia CEO, Spotbros Pivots To Enterprise Messaging With IMbox.me

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Mobile hand TC1

Consumer Robotics Is Finally Ready For Prime Time

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Google Names Its First “Glass At Work” Certified Partners To Focus On Business And Medical Use Cases

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SPMD Kenshoo launches Intent-Driven Audiences, matching search ads to Facebook

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Kenshoo, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced Wednesday the launch of Intent-Driven Audiences. This new tool matches clicks on search ads with audiences on Facebook in real time. The technology allows marketers to show ads to consumers who have searched for certain keywords, also using Facebook’s targeting to find similar customers.

Blake Chandlee, Facebook’s Vice President of Partnerships, congratulated Kenshoo on this launch:

Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities allow marketers to reach the people that matter most to them – their loyal customers. Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences allows advertisers to bridge audiences across marketing channels by bringing together consumer intent signals from search campaigns and Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities to drive better results for their marketing efforts.

Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences opens up Facebook’s ad inventory to marketers, placing it on top of consumer search intent data. In beta, a leading national retailer reported 110 percent higher Facebook ad campaign ROI and 66 percent lower CPC than their search campaigns. The retailer also experienced a 19 percent life on search engine campaign conversion rate, increasing paid search revenue by 22 percent.

Kenshoo’s Senior Vice President of Product Will Martin-Gill commented on Intent-Driven Audiences in a press release:

At Kenshoo, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of math and technology to create meaningful solutions for our clients. Our solutions enabling advertisers to target customers using the most relevant data from their performance marketing channels are great examples of this innovation. Intent-Driven Audiences is another key piece to the puzzle that allows advertisers to move beyond keyword and interest targeting to reach highly-valuable audiences, and the performance improvements we’re seeing are substantial.


Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Brandwatch Raises $22M To Boost Its Social Media Monitoring Platform

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Recalled Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Will Return To Sale In Weeks

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SCiO Shows Off Its Molecular Food Scanner In TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hardware Alley

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PMD Sprinklr raises $40M round of funding, enters ads market

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Sprinklr, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in pages, announced this week that the company has raised $40 million in Series D funding from Iconiq Capital, Intel Capital and Battery Ventures.

Additionally, Sprinklr announced that they are getting into the social ad market. Currently, Sprinklr assists social marketing, PR, customer care and sales efforts for major companies such as Microsoft, Virgin, Samsung, Bell, Cisco and Castrol. Early clients who have managed paid media through Sprinklr have seen a 25 percent increase in ad performance.

Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas talked with Inside Facebook about this news and what this means for the company:

We were not actually looking for funding, so it wasn’t a planned milestone. Iconiq, they are a very powerful organization that’s flying under the radar, so we felt that it was a great partnership for us to have. That’s why we decided to take the money and let them in. … We’re convinced that paid media has to be integrated with owned and earned in a very native fashion. At the end of the day, you’re trying ot reach the same consumer. You’ve got to manage the consumer’s experience and what he sees on the right rail, in the feed, and look at it holistically. Our foray into paid, in an integrated manner, allows advertisers to control that experience.

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Unnamed Russian Banks Are Using AlterGeo’s Location Data For Credit Ratings

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