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Facebook Announces Analytics For Apps

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Facebook Analytics for Apps

Soon Facebook Messenger Will Let You Reach Out To Businesses

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Facebook F8 messenger

Facebook Plans To Turn Messenger Into A Platform

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Newest Facebook Messenger Feature: Send Money to Friends

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While your friend might love Pusheen stickers, Facebook’s latest update to its Messenger app allows friends to send something just as precious: money.

Facebook announced Tuesday that friends can now send money to each other using the app. The feature will be rolling out for Messenger users in the U.S. over the next few weeks on iOS, Android and desktop.

Here’s how to send money:

  • Start a message with a friend
  • Tap the $ icon and enter the amount you want to send
  • Tap Pay in the top right and add your debit card to send money
  • And to receive money:

  • Open the conversation from your friend
  • Tap Add Card in the message and add your debit card to accept money for the first time
  • Facebook addressed security concerns in a Newsroom blog post:

    Incorporating security best practices into our payments business has always been a top priority. We use secure systems that encrypt the connection between you and Facebook as well as your card information when you ask us to store it for you. We use layers of software and hardware protection that meet the highest industry standards. These payment systems are kept in a secured environment that is separate from other parts of the Facebook network and that receive additional monitoring and control. A team of anti-fraud specialists monitor for suspicious purchase activity to help keep accounts safe.

    The first time you send or receive money in Messenger, you’ll need to add a Visa or MasterCard debit card issued by a US bank to your account. Once you add a debit card, you can create a PIN to provide additional security the next time you send money. On iOS devices you can also enable Touch ID. As always, you can add another layer of authentication to your account at any time.

    Readers: Would you use Messenger to send money?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter WordPress Plugin | Global Connectivity

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    Twitter Now Has an Official WordPress Plugin (The Next Web)
    Twitter has announced that it’s releasing its first official Twitter plugin for WordPress that brings a bunch of Twitter functionality to your site easily. The new plugin brings a plethora of features; it automatically generates Twitter Cards for your pages, enables Twitter Analytics, embeds video and adds a tweet button to posts in the admin interface. TechCrunch If you’re already happy with your third-party Twitter plugin or custom-built Twitter solutions, this new plug-in … might not do very much in terms of new stuff for you. Hell, your current plug-in may even do more. Marketing Land The plugin gives publishers the ability to customize the look — including the color of links and borders — of embedded tweets; and more.

    Internet.org Issues Update on the State of Global Connectivity (SocialTimes)
    A total of 78 percent of the population in the developed world has access to the Internet, compared with just 32 percent in emerging economies, according to the latest report from Internet.org. Internet.org was created in August 2013 by Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung, with the aim of connecting what at the time was nearly two-thirds of the world without Internet access.

    Uber Goes Free in Seoul as Pressure from City Government Mounts (CNET)
    Ride-sharing service Uber is once again offering customers in Seoul a free ride. Announced Wednesday, the move is the latest attempt by the company — which provides a car-hailing app that connects riders and drivers — to offer its service in a city that’s proved unwilling to budge on allowing Uber to operate legally.

    BuzzFeed Launches Cute or Not: It’s Like Tinder for Kittens, Puppies, and Wombats (VentureBeat)
    The new app is called Cute or Not, and as you might imagine, it feels a lot like Tinder. Swipe right if the animal is adorable and cuddly, swipe left if it doesn’t strike your fancy.

    Turner Launches TNT Go in Latin America (LostRemote)
    Turner Broadcasting is making a foray into the Latin American market with a new OTT streaming service powered by IBM and Kaltura called TNT Go. It was launched this week with a livestream of the Oscars telecast.

    Time to Silence Terrorists on Social Media (CNN)
    If social media is being used to help radicalize thousands of people and raise millions of dollars from many more, the question all this raises is this: Why is no one shutting them down? Because American companies aren’t. And nor is the American government.

    Share Directly to Facebook Messenger via iPhone, iPad (SocialTimes)
    Facebook Messenger users with iPhones or iPads can now share photos or links directly to the application following an update to the iOS app. Facebook vice president of messaging products David Marcus announced that in the 10 years since its launch, YouTube has become one of the top websites on the internet. In the Alexa rankings, the video streaming site is bested only by Google and Facebook.

    Dick Costolo Thinks it’s OK to Never Tweet (The New York Times)
    I meet people who say, “Oh, I don’t tweet.” I think there’s still a misconception that the reason they’d sign up is to tweet. When I meet them, I tell them, “No, you don’t have to.”

    YouTube: 10 Years of Struggle Between Corporate Interests and Community Value (SocialTimes)
    In the ten years since its launch, YouTube has become one of the top websites on the internet. In the Alexa rankings, the video streaming site is bested only by Google and Facebook. Hank Green, a popular YouTuber behind Vlogbrothers, Sci Show, and Crash Course, looks back on 10 years of YouTube in an article on Medium.

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Microsoft Outlook.com Drops Facebook Messenger, Google Talk

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    OutlookComMicrosoft informed Outlook.com users via email that support for Facebook Messenger and Google Talk will be scrapped “within the next couple of weeks.”

    The email read:

    Dear Outlook.com Customer,

    Within the next couple of weeks, we will be discontinuing support for Facebook Chat in Outlook.com. And due to Google’s decision to discontinue the chat protocol used by the Google Talk platform, we can no longer provide Google Chat in Outlook.com. We understand that this may disappoint some of our customers, but we hope that you’ll try Skype for Outlook.com chat, and video and voice calling, so you can take advantage of the more robust ways to keep in touch with friends and family.

    This update will not affect the connection to your Facebook and/or Google accounts, which means your People page will stay updated with the latest contact information from the services you’ve connected.

    We’re confident that Skype for Outloook.com provides the best experience for chatting and making voice or video calls, right from your inbox, when the conversation warrants richer communication than an email exchange.

    A Microsoft spokesperson provided the following statement to ZDNet:

    Most Outlook.com customers already prefer to use Skype when they are chatting, and we see this as a great option for anyone impacted by Google’s decision to shut down Google Talk and associated APIs (application-programming interfaces), or the recent deprecation of Facebook Chat for Outlook.com.

    Readers: How many of you use Outlook.com, and what was your reaction to this news?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Facebook iOS, Android App Users Can Add Stickers to Photos

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    StickersFBPhotosStarting Thursday, users of Facebook’s flagship applications for iOS and Android can add stickers to photos they upload prior to posting them.

    The social network introduced similar capabilities for its Messenger apps last December when it debuted its Stickered for Messenger app.

    Users whose iOS and Android apps are up to date will see a small icon at the bottom of photos they upload, and clicking on that icon grants them access to all of the stickers in their collections, which can be resized, rotated and moved.

    Readers: Is this a fun addition, or overkill?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    INFOGRAPHIC: More Millennials Use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp

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    Facebook is dominant in the messaging application arena, with some one-third of millennials using either Messenger or Facebook-owned WhatsApp, according to the latest data from GlobalWebIndex.

    GWI said in an email to SocialTimes:

    As a smartphone generation, millennials place a strong premium on the speed of communication offered by messaging apps; as many as seven in 10, in fact, say they use instant-messaging services because they are quicker than SMS or social media.

    Globally, WeChat is the most popular IM service for 17-31s, reflecting its massive success in China (where 60 percent of millennials are using it). Outside of China, though, it’s Facebook Messenger (35 percent) and WhatsApp (32 percent) that compete for dominance — with Messenger typically doing well in mature markets and WhatsApp posting its best figures in fast-growth countries.

    Despite hitting the headlines, Snapchat is still a minor force (8 percent). But this global figure masks major peaks in certain markets: One-quarter of millennials in Ireland are using Snapchat, as are one-fifth in the U.K. and U.S.

    Readers: Which messaging apps do you use?


    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Facebook Adds Emoji to Messenger Thread Titles

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    EmojiMessengerThreadTitles650One of the fruits of Facebook’s recent hackathon in Seattle’s Space Needle was introduced Wednesday by software engineer Bob Baldwin, who announced in a Facebook post that thread titles in the social network’s Messenger application can now include emoji.

    Baldwin wrote:

    You can now put emoji in Facebook Messenger thread titles!

    I built this at a Facebook Seattle hackathon in the Space Needle a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

    Readers: What do you think of this new feature?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Facebook Messenger Test: Reading Voice Messages

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    One of the most useful features of text messaging and messaging services like Facebook Messenger is the fact that users can communicate via those channels when they are in places where voice calls would be difficult to hear, such as parties, bars, clubs and concerts, or where users may not want to play them, such as during meetings. Facebook announced a test Friday to enable Messenger users to read voice messages sent via the application.

    Vice president of messaging products David Marcus shared the news via a Facebook post Friday:

    We’re always working on ways to make Messenger more useful. As many of you know, we already offer a feature that enables people to send voice clips to their friends without having to type out the text. Today we are starting to roll out a small test that helps people read the voice clips they receive instead of having to play them out loud. So, for example, if you’re at a concert or in a meeting, and would prefer to read a voice clip from a friend, you now can if you’re part of the small test we’re rolling out. Our plan is to test this feature at a tiny scale for now, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think of it before making the experience more widely available.

    Readers: Would this be a useful addition to Facebook’s Messenger apps?


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