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Mobile Game Roundup: Primordia, Faily Rider and More

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Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? There are lots of new options available for you to try, including Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures from Disney. The app allows users to play a variety of mini-games with Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle and Tiana.

If you’re looking for something different to play, here’s a look at some of the additional mobile games that were released this week.

Primordia ($4.99 on iOS) – This point-and-click adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios takes players to a world inhabited only by robots. The game follows a robot named Horatio and his friend Crispin, who must travel to the city of Metropol to recover a stolen power core so they can repair their airship. Along the way, the pair will discover things that will change “their understanding of the world and their place in it, for better or worse.”

Love & Hip Hop: The Game (Free on iOS, Android) – This lifestyle simulation game from VH1, 345 Games, Monami Entertainment and Behaviour Interactive is based on reality TV show Love & Hip Hop, and it allows users to take on the role of an aspiring artist in New York. Users will be able to complete quests and timed missions as they work to become a celebrity. Over time, users will be able to purchase new clothing and accessories for their avatars, go on dates and more.

o:anquan (Free on iOS) – This number puzzle game from Pine Entertainment asks users to draw lines extending away from number tiles to “spread” each number into the surrounding empty tiles. For instance, a user can drag their finger away from a “six” tile to fill the original tile and five additional tiles with the number “one.” Users can also drag their finger away from the “six” tile to fill just the starting tile with a “one” and the second tile with a “five,” and so on. When two or more touching tiles contain the same number, the matching tiles are cleared and players receive points. Additional numbers are added to the board after every move, and games end when players run out of moves.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play (Free on iOS, Android) – This level-based word game from Scopely and Sony Pictures Television is based on television show Wheel of Fortune. In each level, users will compete against two opponents in an attempt to be the first to solve a puzzle. While the TV show allows the same player to continue spinning so long as they guess letters correctly, here, users can only take a single spin per turn. As users complete levels, they can earn collectibles and other prizes. In addition, the game includes events and a head-to-head multiplayer mode.

Where's Monsieur Pug

Where’s Monsieur Pug? (Free on iOS, Android) – This geolocation and augmented reality game from Frima Studio and the National Film Board of Canada is based on animated short Monsieur Pug from 2014. The game allows users to find pugs in the world around them, with pugs appearing on an in-game map representing the real-world. When a pug appears nearby, users can take a picture of the pug in augmented reality. Users can place their own double agent pugs in locations around them, and users can also find pugs hidden by other players. Over time, gamers can equip their pugs with accessory items.


Bbble (Free on iOS) – This trivia game from 1-800-N0th1ng allows users to answer video trivia questions that have been created by other players. Users can play solo games, or they can play against their Facebook friends or random opponents in multiplayer games. In each game, users watch videos which contain trivia questions, and they can select from multiple possible answers for each question. When a user answers a question incorrectly in a solo game, the game ends and they can start a new game. Meanwhile, in a multiplayer game, a user’s turn will end once they’ve answered three questions incorrectly. When users aren’t playing games, they can create their own questions by recording videos within the app.

Zombie Derby 2 (Free on Android) – This racing game from HeroCraft allows users to race over hills, ramps and more while killing zombies. The game contains eight upgradeable cars, including a zombie combine harvester.

Sorcery Part 4: The Crown of Kings ($4.99 on iOS, Android) – This narrative game from inkle is the final installment in a four-part series, which features the story of the Analander, a hero who is on a quest to recover the stolen Crown of Kings. In this installment, users will need to figure out how to break into the Citadel and confront the Archmage. While playing, users can make decisions that impact the way the rest of the story plays out.

Knights Fight: Medieval Arena (Free on iOS) – This medieval sword-fighting game from Shori Games allows users to fight against opponents in single-player levels and asynchronous multiplayer battles. The game also supports real-time multiplayer battles through a local multiplayer mode. In each battle, players can tap buttons to trigger a variety of attacks, and they can tap a shield button to shield their character from oncoming attacks. Users can upgrade their equipment over time.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure ($2.99 on iOS) – This survival game from Robot Gentleman takes players to the 1950s, and it gives users 60 seconds to race through a procedurally generated house collecting supplies they’ll need to survive in a bunker following the dropping of a nuclear bomb. Users must also collect their family members and take them into the bunker. Once the bomb falls, users will need to survive as long as possible in the bunker by rationing the supplies they gathered. Users will be able to make decisions as they play, which can include sending characters outside. To celebrate the game’s launch, 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure is currently 25 percent off ($2.99). The launch sale ends Oct. 6.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One: Realm of Shadows ($4.99 on iOS) – This first of five episodes in a series from Telltale Games allows users to become Batman and make decisions that can have “far-reaching consequences.” The choices users make while playing can affect the way the rest of the story plays out.

Faily Rider (Free on iOS) – This endless survival game from Spunge Games is the sequel to Faily Brakes. The game challenges players to help Phil Faily survive while riding a motorbike down a hill. In each game, Phil’s bike will drive down the hill automatically, and players can tap buttons to steer left and right to avoid obstacles. Users can collect coins as they play, which can be spent on new bikes and new costumes for Phil.

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Did I time travel or play Animation Throwdown for the entire day?

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Kids app maker Duck Duck Moose joins Khan Academy

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Oculus Debuts VR Experience Featuring President Obama, Yosemite National Park

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Oculus VR debuted a new virtual-reality experience Thursday featuring President Barack Obama on a visit to Yosemite National Park.

Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National Parks was created by National Geographic, Felix & Paul Studios and Oculus, and it is available via the Oculus Store for the Gear VR, with an Oculus Rift version coming soon, as well as via Facebook (embedded below).

Though the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National…

Earlier this summer, President Obama and his family visited Yosemite National Park. Today, explore the first-ever virtual reality experience with the First Family in celebration of the National Park Centennial. Available on the Oculus Store for Gear VR with Rift coming soon. (Created by National Geographic, Oculus, and Felix and Paul studios)

Posted by National Geographic on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oculus said in a blog post that highlights of Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National Parks include: Obama interacting with students during an event tied to his “Every Kid in the Park” initiative; the president speaking with Yosemite National Park superintendent Don Neubacher; Obama and his family (Michelle, Malia and Sasha) crossing the footbridge by Vernal Falls; a time-lapse sunset from Glacier Point; and a canoe ride framed by mountains.

National Geographic vice president of social media Rajiv Mody said in the Oculus blog post:

National Geographic has been a pioneer in visual storytelling throughout its 128-year history. We see virtual reality as a new frontier and are thrilled to use this powerful medium to help celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial anniversary.

Felix & Paul Studios co-founder Félix Lajeunesse added:

As filmmakers, we wanted to use cinematic virtual reality’s unique transportive power to bring audiences into a journey with President Obama where they could experience firsthand the vertiginous, lyrical and timeless beauty of Yosemite. We were deeply inspired by the idea that American national parks such as Yosemite were originally established “for all people for all times,” as a way to allow future generations to experience the extraordinary and untouched beauty and richness of these natural wonders.

Readers: Will you check out Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National Parks?

ObamaVRCanoe ObamaVRRedwoods ObamaVRLogos

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Missing Self-Proclaimed Facebook Co-Owner Paul Ceglia Emails Bloomberg

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When we last heard about self-proclaimed Facebook co-owner Paul Ceglia, he had evaded federal monitoring by cutting off his electronic ankle bracelet in March 2015.

Ceglia’s whereabouts are still unknown, but he resurfaced earlier this month via four emails to Bloomberg, in which he said he and his family are alive and well, and he fled because he feared for his life.

Ceglia said in his emails to Bloomberg that he and his family are alive and well, quoting the theme song from late 1970s and early 1980s TV show WKRP in Cincinnati at one point and saying he was “living in the air in Cincinnati.” He wrote:

Everyone including our dog is happy and in good health. It has been a difficult and scary year for Iasia and I, but faith in God has seen us through and a determination to get justice has inspired me to keep going.

Ceglia wrote that he applied for asylum in a foreign country he did not specify, adding that he has a “regular job” and hopes to begin buying and selling houses soon in an effort to increase his income.

As for his reasons for fleeing, Ceglia wrote that he did so due to a “very credible” threat that he would be arrested on new charges, jailed and killed before the trial, adding that the new trial would have exposed the involvement of In-Q-Tel, the venture-capital arm of the CIA, in Facebook. He added:

I felt I had no one in government I could trust. An opportunity presented itself, so I MacGyver’d (another 1980s TV reference) some things together and started running for my life.

Some of your readers may surely think my lawsuit against Facebook was bogus, but if they consider themselves Americans, then they should defend to the death my right under the Constitution of the United States to have a jury.

For those not familiar with the bizarre story of Ceglia and his ill-fated lawsuit against Facebook and its co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, a timeline follows:

Despite all of the events outlined above, one of Ceglia’s current lawyers, Robert Ross Fogg, told Bloomberg that Ceglia’s case against Facebook and Zuckerberg was going well before he disappeared, saying:

It is truly a relief to know that Paul and his family are alive, safe and in comparably good health. I am comforted to know that his disappearance was of his own volition.

To win this case, I need him home.

Readers: How do you think this six-years-and-running saga will finally end up playing out?

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Spotify launches a new Kids category with a focus on learning activities, language development

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Zenefits CEO David Sacks is coming to Disrupt

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Fireside Chat With Yammer Founder and CEO, David Sacks

Apple focuses on diversity with new ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad

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Google Play Store Opens Doors to Family Library

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Google Play is in a family way.

Google announced that up to six family members will be able to share eligible applications, games, movies, television shows and books—across devices–from the Google Play Store under its new Family Library initiative.

Users will be able to choose which items to share with family members and which to keep in their personal libraries, and family members will be able to make purchases with their own credit cards, rather than defaulting to the card that was designated as the family payment method. And parents will be able to approve purchases by younger members of the family.

Google said Family Library will begin rolling out over the next few days, initially in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S.

Google also announced that the Google Music family plan, which launched late last year, is now available in Ireland, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand. Under that plan, up to six family members can stream millions of tracks, on-demand, for $14.99 per month.

Google Play product manager Raj Iyengar said in a blog post:

Today’s families have a lot of devices, and it should be easy to share content no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Everyone in my family loves the Star Wars movies, and we all want to be able to watch them on our phones, tablets, laptops, or TV. All purchases added to Family Library are available across Android devices, and movies, TV shows and books can be enjoyed on iOS devices and the web.

As with most family matters, flexibility and choice is important. With Family Library, you can choose which items you want to share and which to keep to yourself—for example, I’ll probably keep my collection of comic books in my personal library. Flexibility is also built into your purchasing options. When you sign up, you’ll select a credit card to share as your family payment method, but your family members will always have the option of buying stuff with their personal credit cards or gift cards. And for your younger family members, you’ll have the option to approve each of their purchases.

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on Google Play’s Family Library?

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Google launches Family Library, a way for families to share Google Play purchases

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