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Microsoft Plans To Bring HTTP/2, Web Audio And JavaScript Promises To The Next Version Of IE

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GuideSpark Rolls Out New Platform To Serve Up HR Video To Phones And Tablets

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AppGyver Launches Composer, A Drag-And-Drop Tool For Building HTML5 Apps

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Mozilla Relents, Says It Will Implement HTML5 DRM Solution In Firefox

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Telerik Open Sources Most Of Its Kendo UI HTML5 Framework

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Social Commerce Startup Chloe+Isabel Introduces Live Virtual Jewelry Trunk Shows

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Chloe+Isabel earrings

OpenFin Raises $4 Million To Bring HTML5 Apps To The Financial Services Industry

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Financial services-focused software developer OpenFin has raised $4 million in a new round of funding to help financial services firms update their technology infrastructure and junk the Bloomberg terminal. Read More

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

Opera Signs Up Samsung For Its Smart TV Apps Store

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Opera Software today announced that it has signed up Samsung as its tenth partner for its HTML5-based Opera TV Store. Besides its mobile and desktop browser, Opera has long been working on increasing its profile in the smart TV world and the launch of the TV store at CES last year marks its latest foray into this business.

The Store made its first appearance on Sony TVs and Blu-ray players in March 2012 and since then, Opera has signed up MediaTek, Humax, Changhong, Konka and Amino. It’s also available on a number of TiVo, TCL and Hisense devices.

The partnership with Samsung will bring the Opera TV Store to a couple of select Blu-ray players in the near future. It’s unclear if Samsung also plans to bring it to its TVs as well, where it has a pretty wide reach with its own HTML5-based Smart TV platform.


The Store is cloud-based, which makes deploying it – and the apps it showcases – pretty straightforward for OEMs that want to integrate it into their own products.

One Opera TV feature the company plans to showcase at CES this week is its previously launched Snap technology, which allows content owners to turn their online video channels and existing video catalogs into TV apps in just a few minutes.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

Nickelodeon Partners With Ludei To Bring HTML5 Games To Its Upcoming Android App

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Ludei, which offers an HTML5 platform for building games and other apps, is announcing today that it’s powering the games in Nickelodeon’s upcoming Android app.

Ludei CEO Eneko Knorr said that Nickelodeon is basing “its entire game development strategy” on his company’s technology, with the kids’ entertainment channel treating the new app as a “container” that will include dozens of HTML5 games. The app is scheduled to launch on November 15.

“It’s clear that HTML5 is the right choice for cross platform game development, but development challenges require close attention in order to achieve optimal performance,” said Dhimiter Bozo, vice president of engineering for apps and games at Nickelodeon-owner Viacom, in the press release. “Ludei’s easy-to-use solution helps us address these challenges, and makes it easy for us to deliver excellent, native-like HTML5 game experiences.”

As for iOS, where Nickelodeon already offers an app, a company spokesperson said that these games would be included initially, but they added, “obviously” the goal in embracing HTML5 is “to enable across platforms.”

Ludei says there are now 20,000 developers, including three of the world’s top 20 game publishers, using its platform. It raised $1.5 million in funding earlier this year.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

Bunkr Unveils New Major Version Of Its PowerPoint Killer

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French startup Bunkr just released a new major version of its presentation web app in partnership with Etamin Studio. It still is a fully responsive HTML5 web app that works seamlessly on your computer, phone or tablet. Yet, it was redesigned from the ground up and the new user experience should make the app more appealing to new users.

As a reminder, Bunkr is the PowerPoint killer we’ve all been waiting for. It allows you to collect content and create a presentation, integrating the cumbersome image searching and saving step into the service. Whenever you see something that you want to add to your presentation, just click on the bookmarklet and it will be in your Bunkr account. Users can collect images, videos, websites, articles, notes or quotes.

On the presentation side, it looks a lot like PowerPoint for the web. Like in PowerPoint and unlike in Prezi, Bunkr still uses the traditional slide metaphor with simple drag and drop mechanisms. In other words, Bunkr paid attention to heavy PowerPoint users — they won’t feel lost.

Finally, sharing a Bunkr presentation is as easy as sharing a URL. It makes it much easier to see a presentation on a smartphone or tablet or even to send a presentation to someone. And if you really need this .ppt or .pdf file, you can download it.

For now, you have to search on Google Images, YouTube and your hard drive to import content. Adding support for more services should come next. Even though Bunkr wants to replace your Evernote presentation folder, linking directly to Evernote has its own advantages.

Out of its 35,000 user base, 500 clients are already paying for the product. The ratio is definitely low, but the startup already has some high-ranked clients, such as Amazon, Publicis and Orangina Schweppes. This new version is really what it should have been from the get-go. It looks better and it works better. Now, gaining traction and raising the right amount of money are the two next steps to turn Bunkr into a serious Prezi and Google Docs competitor.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

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