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The #Gamergate Answer

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California Regulator Sends Warning Letter To Uber, Lyft & SideCar Over Shared Ride Feature

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The Disrupt SF 2014 Battlefield Finalists Are Alfred, Partpic, PatternEQ, Shipstr, Stack And Vin.li

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Introducing The Disrupt SF 2014 Startup Battlefield

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Facebook SPMD SocialCode Announces Exclusive Partnership with Percolate

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PercolateLogo650Marketing solutions provider SocialCode, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced a partnership with end-to-end marketing software provider Percolate to combine campaign planning, content creation, closed-loop intelligence and paid media execution on social.

The two companies said the exclusive partnership will create a marketing system of record, bringing all digital marketing efforts under one process, with SocialCode clients gaining access to features of the Percolate platform including real-time planning, asset sourcing, content creation, brand management, a full suite of mobile applications, and distribution to channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, WordPress, Drupal, customer-relationship-management systems, email marketing systems and a select number of enterprise content-management-system providers.

SocialCode co-founder and CEO Laura O’Shaughnessy said in a release announcing the partnership:

We’re solving a huge challenge for the world’s largest marketers: closing the intelligence loop with cross-device ID-based advertising, content analytics and content creation. The resulting suite of tools — from planning to governance to sourcing to paid distribution — will result in a continuous cycle of better creative, insights and overall marketing performance.

Percolate CEO Noah Brier added:

SocialCode is one of only a few Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers, and recognized as the industry leader for optimizing creative testing, targeting and bidding to achieve brand objectives. Its technology stack will bring Percolate customers new levels of performance and intelligence when it comes to distributing marketing in the smartest, most nimble way.

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Study: How cost-efficient is Facebook advertising?

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Even as the cost of Facebook advertising rises, is the social network’s offering the most efficient for marketers? According to a new study by Neustar, Facebook advertising in Q2 beat out other avenues (network, portal and exchange) in terms of reach efficiency and average cost.

Neustar’s study shows that Facebook’s cost efficiency in Q2 indexed 70 percent cheaper than the industry average. It was also the only channel that out-performed the indexed average for reach efficiency, beating ad portals by 286 percent.

Two of the major reasons for Facebook advertising’s popularity? Mobile and video. Rob Gatto, Neustar’s Senior Vice President of Media and Advertising, feels that we’ve only started to see video’s potential:

One interesting thing I see in video is that most advertisers are content to buy it simply with age and gender as an overlay. After all, that’s typical of how you buy television.

But in the digital world, you can buy video with a far deeper level of audience, attribution and behavior. Advertisers aren’t yet taking advantage of that.

There are all sorts of opportunities for sequential messaging with video: creative that moves a customer along at different touchpoints, aligned to the buyer journey. We already do a lot of these things in the display world, but haven’t yet duplicated them into video.

While it might seem slightly odd to call Facebook advertising “cost-efficient,” Neustar examined the CPM, CPC and CPA for Facebook, ad networks, ad portals and ad exchanges in Q2, finding that it was actually the cheapest.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.54.05 AMFacebook (shown in the report as social) ad costs actually dropped 32 percent from Q1. Neustar attributed the rise of ad network costs to the World Cup, where advertisers bought big on contextual video advertising around soccer sites and content.

While Facebook advertising might be the most cost-effective option, an ad exchange is the best way to find quality users who can be reached more than once. Facebook is growing in this regard and performed better than the industry average (up 67 percent quarter-over-quarter).

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.57.55 AMFacebook advertising proved to be much more efficient than ad exchanges in the way of funnel attribution, coming in second to ad networks. Neustar noted that Facebook has grown as an ad platform for conversions, largely due to increased paid reach in Q2.

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Facebook announces ad targeting based on bandwidth connection

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Facebook on Wednesday introduced a new way to target ads: based on bandwidth connection. This will help advertisers reach users whose mobile connection may not be best for video ads or other data-hungry methods.

This new feature allows advertisers to target based on mobile connection: 2G, 3G or 4G.

Facebook Product Marketing Manager Brendan Sullivan announced this in a blog post:

Targeting by mobile network type helps advertisers choose creative that will run smoothly on any given device and connection speed. For example, serving a video ad to people in Indonesia with 2G connections may mean wasted impressions if people are unable to load the video or it buffers for minutes when clicked. Optimizing the creative — for instance, targeting a video campaign to people with high-speed connections, and swapping in an image or link ad for people with slower connections — means ads can perform more efficiently for the people seeing them.

This is rolling out globally today to advertisers through the Ad Create tool, Power Editor and the API. All data in this feature is anonymous, as Facebook notes that audiences for network-based targeting are developed by aggregating groups of people based on connection type.

Ronita Mitra, Vodafone India’s Senior Vice President of Brand Communication, Insights and Online, commented on this new feature:

We are excited about the new mobile targeting option on Facebook which allows us sharper targeting to a relevant audience. We hope to see more such technology innovations across the industry.

Readers: How do you feel about the ability to target ads based on bandwidth connection?

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Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

No Rest For The Innovators

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Evoke Is A New Induction-Based Vaporizer That Looks And Feels Like An Old-School Pipe

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Cleantech’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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