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Why It’s Time to Switch to HTML5 [Infographic]

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HTML5 is a standard for displaying multimedia content on the web, and web companies are increasingly adopting it. Last month, YouTube opted for HTML5 as the default video format instead of Flash. According to an infographic from Template.net, HTML5 has many benefits for social and mobile sites.

HTML5 has already gained a lot of popularity among the top sites on the web. More than 300,000 of the top 1 million sites use the standard, 30,000 of the top 100,000 sites use it, and half of the top 10,000 sites use it. In a richer multimedia environment, like on top social sites, HTML5 makes a lot sense.

There are many benefits to using HTML5 for social and mobile applications. Mobile support is built in to HTML5, so it makes websites accessible across all platforms, and in all browsers including mobile browsers.

HTML5 also fully supports audio and video, and treats them like image tags, which reduces the burden on coders trying to insert multimedia. Location support is also built in, which allows your service to make use of geolocation data.

To see the additional benefits of using HTML5 for coders and game developers, view the infographic below.


Html5 Templates

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GDC 2015: Storm8’s Games Surpass One Billion Downloads [Infographic]

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Restaurant Story 2

Today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, mobile games company Storm8 announced a milestone for its many titles: its games have surpassed one billion total downloads. The Restaurant Story 2 company is celebrating the success by immortalizing one lucky player of the restaurant simulation game as an in-game character (as well as rewarding them with an iPad mini 3 and one billion Storm8 gems in the game).

Plus, Storm8 has released an infographic detailing some impressive gameplay numbers for its overall catalog, including the fact that over 157 million dragons have been hatched in Dragon Story, and over 82 billion dishes have been served in Restaurant Story 2.

Over 156 billion total gameplay minutes have been played across the entire Storm8 catalog, with its one billion downloads equaling three game downloads for every single person in the United States. Over 948 million friend connections have been made across the Storm8 games network.

In a statement, Storm8 CEO Perry Tam commented on the company’s success:

One billion downloads is a huge milestone, unmatched by most in the mobile market, and representing close to six years of hard work and millions of hours of play. We wanted to mark it in a big way, by celebrating the most important reason for our success: Storm8 players, who inspire us daily to keep creating new ways to play and explore.

As part of this celebration, Storm8 has unveiled its new brand identity, uniting all of its games under the new “Storm8 Studios” banner.

Tam added:

We knew we had something special when we created Storm8. Since then, we’ve grown from a self-funded start-up into a thriving mobile network of more than 45 games spanning multiple genres across Apple’s App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. We remain as excited as ever about continuing our mission to deliver joy to our players and create the largest mobile network.

As part of its GDC presence, the first 300 visitors to the Storm8 booth can grab a chef’s hat to redeem a free meal from a Restaurant Story 2-branded food truck near the convention.

Check out the complete Storm8 infographic below.


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The Science of Posting on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Did you know that studies have shown that the optimum number of tweets to send per day is three, and that for maximum engagement you should aim to post between 9am and 3pm Monday through Thursday?

And the worst time to tweet? Every day after 8pm.

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Twitter users are just regular people, and people are far more likely to be active online earlier in the day (i.e., goofing around at work) and particularly lunchtime (1pm to 3pm is a great time to tweet) than they are late at night.

On Facebook, aim for two posts per day between 1pm and 4pm, while Instagram content generates maximum ROI between 2pm and 5pm.

Check out the visual below for more insights on a number of social media platforms, including Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn, and comes courtesy of Setupablogtoday.com.

The Science of Posting on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Setupablogtoday.com.)

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4 Key Strategies for Smarter Social CEOs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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CEOs are getting social.

Increasingly so. By 2017, Forbes predicts CEO engagement on social media will double. And with good reason – 82 percent of people are more likely to trust a company whose CEO is active on social media.

But what makes a good social CEO?

Posting with an agenda in mind is a big plus. Stay on brand-message and create clear talking points about your area of expertise.

Try to balance personal updates with professional messaging. The best social CEOs appear engaging and approachable.

Don’t force anything. If your presence on social media improves your business then go for it. Otherwise, take a step back and reevaluate.

And remember: you don’t have to tweet. (Just ask Twitter’s CEO). Better to say nothing at all than post simply for the sake of it. And there’s still huge value in being an active consumer of social media – even if you’re the boss.

Check the visual below for more insights, which comes courtesy of the Borenstein Group.

4 Key Strategies for Smarter Social CEOs [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Borenstein Group.)

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How Often Should You Post to Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you’re a brand using social media to raise awareness of your products and services, build an engaged community of fans and customers, and drive footfall to your website, you really need to be updating all of your channels at least once per day, every day.

But not all social networks are created equally.

Studies have shown that Facebook, for example, works best if you post twice per day. After that, Likes and comments begin to drop off.

Three tweets per day seems optimal on Twitter, and about the same number of posts is ideal on Google+.

Meanwhile, the top brands on Pinterest have seen rapid growth by posting multiple times per day.

Check the visual below for more insights, which comes courtesy of Buffer and SumAll.

How Often Should You Post to Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Buffer.)

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The Potential of Social Media (for #B2B Marketers) [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Did you know that more than nine in ten business to business (B2B) marketers say that increased exposure is the number one benefit of social media?

Increased traffic (80 perfect), the development of loyal fans (72 percent) and marketplace insights (71 perfect) were also cited as major perks.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn remain the social networking sites of choice for B2B brands, and B2B marketers place a greater importance on original written content over curating the content of others.

Difficulty proving ROI, lack of time and no strategic planning are the key challenges facing companies in this space.

Check the visual below for more insights, which comes courtesy of Real Business Rescue.

The Potential of Social Media (for #B2B Marketers) [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Real Business Rescue.)

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Accengage: Six Percent of Users Respond to Push Notifications [Infographic]

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Push Notifications Benchmark

Accengage, which specializes in push notification technology for mobile apps, has released its Push Notification Performance Benchmark by Industry for iOS and Android. The data and accompanying infographic detail the performance of push notification campaigns in terms of opt-in and reaction rates, and offer tips for developers looking to increase their push notification engagement rates.

Accengage analyzed data from five billion push notifications sent to 150 million app users (worldwide) from January to December 2014, across 12 industries, including e-commerce, media, travel and retail. The data showed 46 percent of iOS users opt-in to receiving push notifications in apps, while Android users are automatically opted-in by downloading an Android app.

When looking at specific kinds of apps, those iOS apps in the “classifieds” category have the highest opt-in rate for push notifications, at 63 percent of users. These classifieds apps were followed by travel apps at 61 percent, and telecommunications and media apps, which tied for third at 49 percent.

However, just because users have opted-in to receive push notifications, doesn’t mean they’re actually engaging with them. According to this data, the average reaction rate for push notifications across all kinds of apps on both iOS and Android was just six percent, meaning only six percent of users actually engage with push notifications when they’re received.

Fast-moving consumer goods apps (FMCG) were measured to have the highest reaction rate on Android, at 28 percent, while telecommunications apps had the highest reaction rate on iOS, at just seven percent. Interestingly, gaming came in last on both platforms, with a five percent reaction rate on Android and a two percent reaction rate on iOS (tied with retail and real estate apps).

Check out Accengage’s complete findings, as well as tips for improving push notification performance, below.


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Shazam Ranks the Oscars’ Top Performances [Infographic]

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Shazam 2015 Top Oscar Performances

Music and television identification app Shazam has released an infographic, detailing consumer interest in the musical numbers from the 2015 Oscars. While the Academy Awards may put movies on center stage, viewers also expressed interest in musical numbers, with Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s performance of “Lost Stars” earning the most “Shazams” of the night.

Other top “Shazamed” Oscars moments include Rita Ora’s performance of “Grateful,” and Tim McGraw’s performance of “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.”

The Shazam app launched on iOS in 2008, and is used to identify songs in a user’s surroundings. By 2011, the app was expanded to support television identification, as users can “Shazam” television programs and commercials to receive more information (and even special offers) about the shows and products they’re viewing.

Shazam is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Shazam 2015 Top Oscar Performances

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Complete Guide to Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Did you know that if you hit the N key on Twitter.com you’ll automatically bring up a window letting you compose a new tweet?

The J (down) and K (up) keys let you move between tweets in your timeline, while the spacebar triggers a page down.

And you can press G followed by S to access your Twitter settings – pretty cool, huh?

Keyboard shortcuts on social media can save you a ton of time, quickly advancing your status from newbie to power user.

Check the visual below for more keyboard shortcuts for Twitter, plus Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Google+, which comes courtesy of setupablogtoday.com.

Complete Guide to Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: setupablogtoday.com.)

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INFOGRAPHIC: Instagram Strategy Tips for Brands

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How should brands best represent themselves on Instagram? Customer-relationship-management and cloud-management platform company Salesforce.com provided a checklist, in infographic form.

Salesforce.com said in a blog post introducing its infographic:

Although it’s only been around for a little more than four years, Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users who snap and post millions of photos on a daily basis. Beyond friends and family, users can follow brands for behind-the-scenes peeks at products, company news and other relevant content. Instagram is a smart, unique way to engage with current and potential customers, so how should your brand tap into the photo-sharing platform’s popularity? From the basics like hashtags and descriptions to posting schedules and what not to do, take a look at the best ways to perfect your Instagram strategy and increase brand awareness.


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