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Infographic: Consumer Trust in Social Networks Up from Last Year

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Facebook and Pinterest remain the most trusted social networks for product recommendations and shopping, according to the Social Recommendation Index released today by Social Media Link. But reviews are just as useful to consumers, as long as they are personal and include pros and cons instead of just a number or star rating. If the review comes from someone within a customer’s social network, all the better.

The average age of survey respondents was their mid 30s and they were 94 percent female. Some of the key findings:

  • 70 percent of respondents say they trust product reviews from people with whom they connect on Facebook and Instagram
  • Trust in Pinterest increased from 56 percent in 2013 to 64 percent in 2014
  • 69 percent of those surveyed trust online reviews for apparel and personal items
  • 53 percent say they use social networks to learn about new products
  • 62 percent follow fewer than ten brands on Instagram

And if you have a star rating system for your products, get rid of it. Social Media Link concluded that:

According to 93 percent of those surveyed, the most valuable reviews are those that contain personal stories.  Beyond that, a list of pros and cons were also considered valuable, and simple “star” ratings less so.  According to the respondents, special values and discounts motivate 60% to share information about a given brand.

Susan Frech, chief executive officer of Social Media Link, already has Valentine’s Day on the mind:

When everyone is looking for trusted information on the best chocolates, flowers and restaurant recommendations from social circles, Facebook will carry the most credibility.

Here are some of the results:

Facebook still leads as the most trusted site.
Friends and followers influence purchases.
Really good experiences and really bad experiences motivate reviews.
Pinterest leads in product discovery.
When sharing reviews, make sure they contain personal stories.
The fact that reviews are on a branded page, doesn't affect trust in the reviews.

You can learn more about the survey’s methodology here.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

The Importance of Social Media for Your Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Did you know that 73 percent of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media, and that 93 percent of hiring managers will review an applicant’s social media profile before taking the next step?

Which means it’s never been more important to have your social media house in order. This is where LinkedIn really matters – 79 percent of recruiters make hires through the business social network, compared to 26 percent for Facebook and just 14 percent for Twitter.

Social recruitment has benefits for companies, too – 33 percent have seen a decrease in time-to-hire, and 49 percent have seen an overall increase in candidate quality.

Check the visual below for a close look at the importance of social media for your job search, which comes courtesy of Career Glider.

The Importance of Social Media for Your Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Career Glider.)

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

Marketing Trends Road Map for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Feeling a little lost? Does your marketing plan for 2015 look like it was drawn on a napkin? Uberflip, a content publishing platform, has an infographic that may help guide you through the year.

If you’re just getting started with content marketing or looking for a little help, Uberflip has outlined some of the major trends and things to watch for this year.


Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Whether you’re just getting started in the world of social media or have long-established yourself as a social marketing wizard, launching a brand-new Twitter profile or Facebook page can be a laboriously time-consuming process, especially when it comes to working out the sizes of all the images you need to make your channels — or those of your clients — stand out from the crowd.

There’s just so much to remember – and so much to forget.

And what about the other social platforms, like Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn and Vimeo? Wouldn’t it be super-convenient if somebody would kindly put all of this information on one, easy-to-read page?

Thankfully, help as it hand, via this super-detailed social media cheat sheet, which comes courtesy of Prohibition PR.

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Prohibition PR.)

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

How to be a Social #CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

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CEOs are getting social.

By 2017, Forbes predicts CEO engagement on social media will double. And that commitment will pay off – 82 percent of people are more likely to trust a company whose CEO is active on social media.

Moreover, 77 percent say that they would buy from a brand whose missions and values are defined by senior staff involvement in their social channels.

LinkedIn is the number one social network, used by 79 percent of CEOs, well ahead of Twitter and Facebook (used by 8.3 percent of CEOs each). Of those that do use Twitter, 69 percent have tweeted in the last 100 days.

So which CEOs should be emulated? Marissa Mayer, Richard Branson and Elon Musk do most things well, and that includes social – follow their profiles closely for some strategical insights.

Check the visual below for a wealth of statistics, facts and tips about (and for) social CEOs, which comes courtesy of Groove Digital Marketing.

How to be a Social CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Groove Digital Marketing.)

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

Google Dominates Retargeting Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Have you ever been checking out a product online, then go to Facebook or do a Google search … and see an ad for that same product? No, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t reading your Internet browsing history, that’s the magic of retargeting.

According to a recent infographic by SimilarTech, Google is by far the king of the retargeting ecosystem, eating up a whole 91.5 percent of market share.

Look below to learn more about who else utilizes retargeting.

similartech-infographic (1)Top image courtesy of Chukcha / Shutterstock.com.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

12 #Twitter Facts for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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12 #Twitter Facts for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s on your agenda for 2015, and how does Twitter fit into your marketing plans?

We’re two weeks into January and one in five Twitter users planned to exercise more this year. Have they been keeping up with that resolution, or are those running shoes already back in the cupboard? Statistically, the latter is more probable than the former, so this might be a great opportunity for fitness brands and gyms to give a gentle nudge.

70 percent of Twitter users access the platform primarily on their mobile devices, and three in five use Twitter whilst watching TV. If your brand isn’t already active on mobile with a very mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

87 percent of Twitter users say that what they saw on Twitter influenced their recent movie choice. With Twitter Video launching soon, expect a lot of movie trailers to be shared on the platform by both major and independent studios in the months to come.

Check the visual below for 12 Twitter facts for 2015, which comes courtesy of Twitter.

12 Twitter Facts for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Twitter. Twitter image via Shutterstock.)

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

INFOGRAPHIC: Whole Latte Love for Starbucks

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LoveListGraphic650Possibly driven by demand for its Peppermint Mocha Latte due to the cold winter temperatures, Starbucks soared to the top of the December 2014 edition of The Love List from social relationship platform Hootsuite.

Hootsuite uses data from its uberVU unit to rank more than 450 of the top brands globally, giving them scores between one and 100 based on three key data points:

  • Total number of brand mentions received.
  • Sentiment score.
  • Conversations about the brand during the past month containing the word “love.”
  • Hootsuite said in a release announcing the December Love List:

    “Media and entertainment brands dominated the November Love List, but in December, social’s love was directed at food and beverage brands, with four landing in the top 10.

    Starbucks took the No. 1 spot thanks to some Christmas cheer. The brand has cultivated a passionate fan base by offering limited-edition and seasonal items, which results in spikes of excitement and sharing on social. From its adored seasonal “red cups” to holiday-themed drinks like the Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog Latte, Starbucks kept social merry in December, earning the No. 1 spot on The Love List.

    In October, we predicted that holiday wish lists might move aspirational and luxury brands up in the November rankings, but instead broadly popular brands dominated The Love List that month. With the December results, the holiday season did in fact affect the rankings. While luxury brands overall didn’t climb the rankings, holiday shopping and gift-giving did help improve rankings for midrange retail brands like Nordstrom and J. Crew. Straddling the line between aspirational and accessible, these brands pushed out some of the more accessible and budget brands that topped the list in months past.”

    The top 10 on the December 2014 Love List:

  • Starbucks
  • Chanel
  • Friskies
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Twitter
  • Disney
  • Cheetos
  • Secret
  • Taco Bell
  • Chipotle
  • Readers: Did any of your favorite brands make the December 2014 edition of The Love List from Hootsuite?


    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    12 Twitter Stats to Help You Get More Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

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    12 Twitter Stats to Help You Get More Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Want to get more conversions on Twitter?

    It’s not enough to simply tweet – you have to actively measure and analyse your performance.

    For example, did you know that images drive 18 percent more click-throughs, 89 percent more favourites and 150 percent more retweets than text-only tweets?

    And if you really want retweets, ask for them: specifically stating “please retweet” can generate retweet rates up to 23 times higher than other tweets.

    Twitter moves pretty fast, so recycling tweets can pay dividends. Indeed, one recent study showed two identical tweets spaced apart received almost the same amount of clicks.

    And don’t worry about how many followers you have – more than nine in ten of all mentions on Twitter come from people with fewer than 500 followers.

    Check out the visual below for 12 Twitter statistics to help you get more conversions, which comes courtesy of Hubspot.

    12 Twitter Stats to Help You Get More Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

    (Source: Hubspot. Twitter image via Shutterstock.)

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Visually Will Tell Marketers Whether People Actually Cared About That Infographic

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