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Twitter Launches Hindi Hashtags

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Twitter has launched Hindi hashtags on its social platform, and they’re already trending well in India.

Hindi is the most widely-spoken language of northern India, with over 200 million speakers. Twitter users have been able to tweet in Hindi for some time, but the company has only recently rolled out hashtag support for the language.

On Sunday, after India won their cricket World Cup match against Pakistan, #जयहिन्द (Jai Hind, a popular Indian battle cry) became the first Hindi hashtag to trend on Twitter.

And today, as India celebrates Maha Shivratri, #हरहरमहादेव is also trending, right behind #MahaShivratri itself.

Twitter Launches Hindi Hashtags

The popularity of Twitter is accelerating fast in India – 22.2 million people are expected to use the platform in 2015, up 30.4 percent on last year, rising to almost forty million by 2018. This current update is the latest in a number of moves from Twitter to boost its presence in India and other emerging markets.

“India is a big market for us,” said Katie Stanton, Twitter’s vice president of global media, about the company’s interest in India back in November. “It is one of our fastest growing markets and we will be investing more here.”

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Listen Carefully

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Profile: Olafur Eliasson On Art And Technology

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Little Sun, Milan, 2012. Marco Beck Peccoz, Olafur Eliasson Studio.

East Coast Blizzard: Uber to Cap Surge Pricing & Donate Proceeds to Red Cross

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uberWinter storm Juno is already making its social media debut. East coasters are doing all they can to prepare: stock up on groceries in case it’s as bad as they say it will be, crossing their fingers for some bonus snow days, and of course, brace themselves for Uber surge pricing.

According to TechCrunch and Bloomberg, Uber’s maligned surge pricing (put in place when demand for services is higher than normal) will not rise above 2.8x. Additionally, proceeds during the storm will be donated to the American Red Cross for relief efforts.

Mashable reported this morning that Uber, under some duress, has promised to not implement surge pricing during emergencies. After an agreement in New York last year:

The formula for natural disasters is now limited to the normal range of prices the company has charged within the preceding 60 days minus the three highest prices charged during that period.

If you read that about three times it makes sense. Basically, there will be a surge but it has its limits. Lyft caps its “surge” at 200% for comparison’s sake. But that’s for official emergencies, mayor in front of a podium sort of natural disaster. Check this language out, from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick last year: 

This policy intends to strike the careful balance between the goal of transportation availability with community expectations of affordability during disasters. Our collaborative solution with Attorney General Schneiderman is a model for technology companies and regulators in local, state and federal government.

That doesn’t sound very generous does it? The predicted storm is supposed to be bad. But there’s always that chance that it won’t be totally, store all of the NYC subway trains underground bad. Which means there are going to be lots of hours that are just really snowy, windy, and miserable. You’ll be paying surge pricing to get to and from your office and your warm, cozy, house.

Here are some early complaints:

I hear Uber is implementing a new surge pricing model for this blizzard where they just take your kidney and leave you bleeding in the snow

— Sam Lansky (@samlansky) January 26, 2015

As New York and Boston prepare for #juno2015 and #Snowmageddon2015, Uber and its surge pricing is all like… pic.twitter.com/BJ6cK5cqWj

— Who’s Driving You? (@WhosDrivingYou) January 26, 2015

LOL! “@andylocal: .@Uber_NYC Will you be doing surge pricing during the storm?”

— MikeFlanneryFOX32 (@PoliticalEditor) January 26, 2015

Latest #NYC #blizzard report from our gentrification correspondent: violent scenes in Whole Foods, Uber surge pricing x2000% Cronut line ok

— Hari Kunzru (@harikunzru) January 26, 2015

@Uber @lyft PR opportunity: cover surge pricing in NYC for the next 48 hours. #juno2015 #juno

— Sam Giber (@SamGiber) January 26, 2015

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An Interview With William Gibson, Author Of The Future

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Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.15.00 PM

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory of Uber-inspired Businesses

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Uber, the on-demand ‘driver for hire’ mobile service (ODMS) has become the poster-child for digital disruption, delivering Google-subsidised better value (economic, functional, psychological value) to consumers than legacy taxis.

And so digital innovators are seeking to ‘uberfy’ the world with convenient on-demand mobile services (AKA ‘convenience tech’) that digitally match demand with supply.  Tap your phone, get service. Some will flourish, others will fail – based on the degree they can add reliable and real value to currently inefficient markets.

So here’s an evolving master-list of Uber-style services that match on-demand requests with real-time supply… (please message me, or add more in comments – and I’ll update the list)

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory / Master-list

Duolingo Launches Its Certification Program To Take On TOEFL

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Relative Insight Wants To Help Brands Stay On Message

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#Love: Design For It

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Heroku Bets Big On PHP And Launches Native Support For Facebook’s HipHop VM

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