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Google’s Leaked Play Store Redesign Foregrounds Media And Summaries

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Google Adds “Okay Google” Voice Search For All Chrome Users

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Wall Mount MagBak Turns Your iPad Into A Fancy Magnet

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Raspberry Pi Camera Module Now On Sale, $25 To Add An Eye To Pi Hardware Hack Projects

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Raspberry Pi plus camera model

Calling all hardware hackers: the Raspberry Pi camera module has gone on sale online via Pi suppliers including RS Components and Premier Farnell/Element14, providing the eye required for all those computer vision projects you had in mind for the Pi microcomputer.

The camera module actually went on sale yesterday and is currently temporarily out of stock on RS’ website (but Element 14 appears to have stock). The plug-in module costs around £17, or about $25.

The camera module can be used with either the Model A or Model B Pi, and has a five megapixel sensor — the same size as you’d find in many a mid-range Android smartphone — and a fixed focus lens. The module supports 1080p/720p/640x480p video. Dimensions are 25 x 20 x 9mm. Weight is just 3g.

The latest version of the Raspbian firmware supports the module so Pi owners may need to upgrade to enable camera support.

The Pi Foundation has made a short video showing basic hardware set up for the camera module. Embedded below.

Squarespace Adds Commerce System For A High-Class Blogging/Sales Experience

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Squarespace knows from fancy. They make dead-simple websites for people who require a high level of design and elegance and, unlike, say, our website, a lot of Squarespace sites are surprisingly beautiful. Now those same designers who use the site for their private blogs can sell their wares right from their sites.

The service, called Squarespace Commerce, connects to Stripe for payment handling and allows you to embed products into blog posts and wrap content around them. The commerce portion works with every Squarespace template.

You can sign up for Commerce for $24 a month on a yearly basis. The service also supports mailing-list sign up, CSV order exports and unlimited SKUs.

The founder, Anthony Casalena, makes a strong case for the product here but think of this as the e-commerce solution for the put-a-bird-on-it set.

I had a little bit of time to sit down with the platform and came away impressed. There is definitely a value in having a simple digital or physical storefront, and with the rise of home DIY and makers, it’s a great way to get product wrapped up in some solid content. I’ve always loved Squarespace’s spare style, and the latest version is definitely a step in the right direction for the service. Commerce, I suppose, is the fancy cream icing on the cake.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

Fly Or Die: Samsung Galaxy S III

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Screen shot 2012-07-07 at 2.41.04 PM

I said in my review that the Samsung Galaxy S III is the phone you’ve been waiting for, and the same holds true in this latest episode of Fly Or Die. John and I took a look at the various specs, namely the NFC-style features and S-Voice, and we both walked away with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

To put it quite bluntly, the Galaxy S III is far and away the best Android phone you can buy today. Sure, the plastic back panel is a bit “chintzy,” as John would say, but that’s irrelevant when you look at the value in this phone.

NFC capabilities, including tap-to-share, TecTiles, etc. work very well, and are incredibly easy — so much so that I believe my mom would be able to use them (and that says a lot). The display is gorgeous, the camera is excellent, battery life can hang, and it’s running the latest version of Android on an LTE connection.

There isn’t much more you can ask for. Two flies.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II To Get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update On June 26

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After a moment of brief availability on Samsung’s Kies desktop software, AT&T recently pulled the Android 4.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy S II. But it would appear that the dark days are over, as AT&T has just announced on its consumer blog that Ice Cream Sandwich will indeed come to AT&T-powered Galaxy S IIs tomorrow.

Android 4.0 brings with it some pretty major improvements, including Face Unlock, easier multitasking, flexible widgets (which Samsung offers anyways, but whatevs), customizable notifications, a data usage app, and Android Beam.

But more importantly, this update means that Galaxy S II owners will have the latest version of the operating system around the same time the Android 4.0-packing Galaxy S III gets into consumers’ hands.

You can get the update by visiting Samsung’s website and installing the Samsung Kies software on your PC. From there, just connect the device and follow instructions. If you have any trouble, this page should help.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

Sparrow And Shortmail Team Up To Silence Verbose Email

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Screen Shot 2011-08-09 at 1.21.36 PM

As you probably know, I hate email. But I love Sparrow. And I love Shortmail. The two services are attempting to alleviate the pain that is email is two different ways. Sparrow makes email pretty. Shortmail makes email short. Today, the two are teaming up.

The latest version of Sparrow (1.3.2) which has just gone live in the Mac App Store now includes support for Shortmail. It needs to be set up through the Preferences -> Accounts area, but it’s pretty straight-forward. Essentially, it’s just an IMAP connection through the Sparrow client, but it comes with a nice little bonus: a character counter.

The entire idea behind Shortmail is that emails are far too long, and should be limited in a Twitter-like fashion. But instead of 140 characters, Shortmail gives users 500 characters to send email messages. If you connect a Shortmail account to Sparrow, it will now honor that character count limit, and show you how many characters each message is as you type.

This goes along with 410 Labs’ (Shortmail’s parent company) proposal that a new header should be added to email which displays character count limits (if they exist). Sparrow is the first to get on board with that. Hopefully others will too — *cough* Gmail *cough*. I guess it’s a more reasonable solution than my hope that email just dies entirely.

The new Sparrow comes with a range of other new features, tweaks, and bug fixes. You can find it here. And you can find Shortmail here.

Launch Date:

Sparrow is a minimalist mail application for Mac. It was designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here… just your mail and nothing else.

Learn more

410 LABS
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410Labs produces a suite of socially productive tools and applications that people use to improve communication and access to information. The first two products are Replyz, which makes…

Learn more

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Buy A New Mac, Install iLife On Your Other Macs With This Simple Workaround

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Good news! If you’re missing a little iLife in your life than have no fear, Apple’s got it figured out for you. iLife has been included on the new MacBook Air and Mac mini, in the form of GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie. As luck, and Apple, would have it, once you have a licensed copy of iLife ‘11 (like the one that comes with your new Mac) attached to your Mac App Store user account, it’s available for download on other Macs also linked to that account.

Once you’ve purchased iLife ‘11 (either in a box at the store, or as a part of your new MacBook Air/Mac mini purchase), it will show up under the Purchases tab of the Mac App Store. That is, as long as you’re running OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard or later, which gives you access to the Mac App Store in the first place. So you’re sitting at your new MacBook Air, looking at the Mac App Store under Purchases, and there sits iLife ‘11.

Still with me? You should be, that was the easiest part. (I kid, this is all really easy.)

Ok, so now we head over to your other Mac, likely older, and see that it needs a little shot of iLife ‘11, too. As long as you registered your new mac with the same Apple ID, iLife ‘11 will have suddenly appeared for download under the Purchases tab on that computer, too. All you have to do now is install it, and the latest version of iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand will be ready and waiting for you in a just a short while.

Article courtesy of TechCrunch

WordPress 3.1 Downloaded Over 15 Million Times In Under 5 Months

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The latest stable version of WordPress, 3.1, was first released on 23 February 2011.

Now, less than 5 months later, the blogging software has been downloaded over 15 million times according to a tweet posted mere minutes ago (and the download counter).

Joomla just recently announced that its software has been downloaded 23 million times (note that this is the total number, not for any specific versions of the software solution).

For your information: WordPress 3.1 is what TechCrunch uses to power most of its sites.

The latest version of the popular blogging software product is actually WordPress 3.1.4, which is a maintenance and security update for all previous versions.

Just yesterday, a blog post about the next version, WordPress 3.2, was published, revealing that it will be released ‘very soon’ (release candidate here).

WordPress 3.2 will finally drop support for Internet Explorer 6.

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Article courtesy of TechCrunch

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