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Revamped Yahoo Messenger Released for Windows, Mac

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A redesigned Yahoo Messenger launched for mobile last December, and it is now available for Windows and Mac.

The new Windows and Mac versions of Yahoo Messenger boast the same features as the mobile application, including photo and GIF sharing, as well as the ability to unsend messages.

Senior director of product management Austin Shoemaker said in a blog post that the legacy version of the Yahoo Messenger desktop app will no longer work starting Aug. 5, and users will need to upgrade, adding:

Want to share photos from your latest vacation or simply spice up a message? Save precious time with our drag-and-drop feature to share multiple photos at once. Then spread the love by “liking” any posts or images that stand out to you. If you’d rather reply with a GIF, you can easily search and send GIFs to your heart’s content. Pro tip: Play GIF roulette and type /gif + any search term.

With Messenger’s desktop notifications, you can multitask at your computer without having to worry about missing an important message from family, friends or coworkers again.

We are also introducing the unsend button–one of our most beloved Messenger features now on desktop. Sent that message too soon or caught a last-minute typo? Now you can take back a message, photo or GIF (yes, even after you’ve pressed send). You can find out more about this exciting feature here.

Readers: Do any of you use Yahoo Messenger?


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Twitter Dashboard App Launches for Businesses

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Twitter Tuesday announced the launch of Twitter Dashboard, an iOS and desktop application aimed at helping businesses on the social network better connect with users.

Product and engineering manager Noah Pepper said in a blog post that Twitter Dashboard was created to help businesses engage with their audiences, schedule tweets and receive tips on how to foster engagement.

Pepper wrote:

  • Easily engage with your audience: Create a custom feed to find out what’s being said about your business. (Chances are there’s more than the mentions you’d normally be notified about!) Use your custom feed to get right to the tweets you want to see first and better engage with your community. For example, if you work at a cafe, you may see a tweet from a customer who has a question about your hours. Or if you’re a boutique owner, you might see a tweet from a potential customer talking about one of your products. The ability to see these tweets at a glance offers endless opportunities for you to connect with customers and potential customers with responses that add value.
  • Tweet when the time is right: Now you can schedule tweets to reach your audience when they’re online and you’re busy doing other things. If you want to edit your scheduled tweets while you’re on the go, you can use the iOS Dashboard app to update your tweet queue.
  • Get tweet ideas and inspiration: Kick-start your creative process with tweet tips geared just for businesses. They can help you start conversations and engage your audience in those moments when you’re not sure what to tweet. For example, if you work at a restaurant, a tip like, “Your team is as unique as your business. Tweet a surprising fact about one of your team members,” might remind you to share some recent recognition your chef received. Or, if you’re an interior designer, seeing, “Share the love. Like and retweet kind words from your customers,” might prompt you to retweet a customer’s excited reaction to one of your recent projects.


Readers: What are your initial impressions of Twitter Dashboard?


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LGBTQ Pride Month on Twitter

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Twitter marked LGBTQ Pride Month in June with a special emoji for #LoveIsLove and a reaffirmation of the company’s policy.

There has never been a more urgent time for love. #LoveIsLove pic.twitter.com/9qsEqoumAL

— TwitterOpen (@TwitterOpen) June 13, 2016

TwitterOpen lead Jim Halloran wrote in a blog post:

Our platform will continue to champion equality around the world.

We will continue to partner with nonprofit organizations like The Trevor Project, which works to support LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning/queer) youth in times of crisis, and we are honored to have received its 20/20 Visionary Award for our work advancing an empowering message for LGBTQ young people.

We will continue efforts to ensure that all people have access to opportunity by partnering with community-based organizations like Lesbians Who Tech, which works to bring more women into technology jobs.

We will continue to build an inclusive workplace that provides equal benefits to LGBTQ employees including covering the costs of gender reassignment surgery.

Outside our offices, we will continue to fight anti-LGBTQ efforts that restrict the rights of our employees, such as unfair Federal Drug Administration regulations against gay men or Georgia’s discriminatory “religious liberty bill,” and support LGBTQ rights, such as the Business Coalition for the Equality Act and full marriage equality in Ireland and before the U.S. Supreme Court.

We are proud of these efforts and honored to receive a perfect 100 percent score from the Human Rights Campaign as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.

This Pride Month (and always), whether you are LGBTQ or an ally, we encourage you to share the love using #LoveIsLove. Love your community, love your allies, love where you work and love yourself.

Readers: Did you tweet about LGBTQ Pride Month?

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Does Facebook Interfere With Romantic Relationships? (Infographic)

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The Love Reaction is thriving on Facebook, but is Facebook preventing real-life love reactions from flourishing?

A survey of 5,000 users of the social network by research- and evidence-based website Stop Procrastinating seems to point to that.

Stop Procrastinating found that:

  • 17 percent of respondent found that Facebook made them jealous of their partners’ other online relationships.
  • 26 percent argued with their partner because they felt neglected, and that updating Facebook was more important to their partner.
  • 44 percent said their partners’ needs to update Facebook ruined romantic moments.
  • 32 percent said they felt a loss of intimacy because their partner checked Facebook in bed.
  • 22 percent said Facebook made it easier to stay in touch with people they met casually, potentially leading to affairs.
  • 17 percent have been tempted to contact ex-partners with the objective of having an affair.
  • 47 percent felt guilty of emotional cheating on Facebook.
  • 46 percent monitored partners’ activity on Facebook due to jealousy.
  • 67 percent were not surprised that Facebook is being cited in an increasing number of divorce cases.

Stop Procrastinating research director Tim Rollins said in a release announcing the study’s results:

Facebook is a place to meet and keep in touch with friends, only sometimes those friends are long-lost lovers or people you’ve meet casually and didn’t think you’d bump into again. Facebook is designed so that you never lose touch with anyone ever again. The result is that more people are falling in love on the platform, having affairs and flirting when they shouldn’t be.

Readers: What do you think of the findings by Stop Procrastinating?


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4 Ways Major League Baseball Hits a Home Run With Social Media

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With the arrival of spring, the sounds of Major League Baseball reverberate everywhere: the crack of the bat, the smack of the ball, the roar of crowds filling stadiums … and the constant hum emanating from MLB’s social spaces. America’s pastime is back in full swing.

In addition to being a $9 billion business and the nation’s pastime, MLB is a powerhouse on social, earning millions of followers across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Recently, MLB extended its reach by forming a relationship with Snapchat in which MLB will curate and publish video content submitted by its fans. MLB’s popularity on social is especially impressive when you consider that every MLB social media account technically competes for attention with the popular accounts of 30 teams. The brand can teach many other businesses how to do social right. Here are some of those lessons:

Be Visual

Across the digital world, people upload 1.8 billion images a day, and MLB understands this reality. MLB is a master of visual storytelling, capturing the drama of a home run, the symmetrical beauty of a baseball diamond, the sudden impact of a strikeout, and even the goofy moments off the field through photos, videos, and GIFs. And, boy, does MLB love GIFs—on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else that a GIF can thrive.

MLB makes it easy for GIF happy fans to immerse themselves in its GIFs right here on Twitter, where you can watch one spectacular play after another on an infinite loop of baseball goodness. Sports is really a collection of memorable moments that fans love to talk about, and the beauty of GIFs is that they capture those moments for posterity. In that context, GIFs are not a gimmick but a conversation starter.

Show Personality

MLB has existed since the 19th Century, but MLB is not exactly a stodgy old brand. MLB exhibits pep and personality that’s just right for the millennial age. Its tweets, Facebook posts, and other social are usually wry, delivering just the right amount of humor without trying too hard.

When MLB got its hands on a brief video of a well-coiffed Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals covering his head as he slid into second base during a close play, MLB posted the video on Facebook and commented dryly, “Bryce Harper knows to protect that fresh cut,” poking a little fun at Harper’s reputation for being something of a diva.

MLB GIFs also show personality and a willingness to not take itself too seriously, too, such as this GIF mocking New York Yankees’ Mark Teixeira for having a temper tantrum or this GIF of the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera delivering flowers to a teammate to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Be Engaging

The best brands understand that social is a two-way street, and MLB is no exception. For instance, on Twitter, MLB recently hosted a chat with its lead fantasy writer Fred Zinkie, in which rabid fantasy fans could get his counsel on the finer points of Fantasy League roster building.

MLB also recently launched the MLB Fans app, which is a social network where fans can engage with MLB and with each other. After creating profiles, fans can upload photos of their personal memorabilia, photos, and videos of their own MLB moments, participate in fan forums, and talk with MLB officials, an example being a Q&A that MLB hosted with Chris Haf, who writes about the San Francisco Giants for MLB. The app is somewhat reminiscent of the Peach app given its combination of visual and written fan engagement, but with richer content.

Be Everywhere

In a world where attention is a fleeting asset, MLB understands the value of being ever present on multiple social platforms (using its website as a launching pad to explore its brand socially), thus maximizing its scale. Indeed, because of the size of its brand, it makes sense for MLB to adopt an “everywhere” policy instead of investing in a limited number of channels.

MLB makes efficient use of its social channels, repurposing content from one platform to the next. For instance, in addition to sharing original content on YouTube, MLB re-purposes highlights from its Snapchat channel for fans who miss disappearing snaps.

Finally, Major League Baseball has positioned itself for future success on social media by continuing to experiment. For instance, throughout March, MLB and New Era, the official cap of MLB, have partnered to promote MLB opening day through #CapsOn, a campaign that encourages fans to celebrate their love of baseball by wearing their caps, including on opening day April 4.

The campaign integrates social with in-store and television, including ESPN. The social element also involves all 30 Major League baseball team accounts, in effect amplifying its reach to millions more fans. So far, #CapsOn has permeated social channels ranging from Instagram to Snapchat—with players joining in the fun. Opening day 2016 is not only a baseball experience, it’s a social experience, too.

Jay Hawkinson is a digital marketing professional with 20 years of sales, marketing and merchandising experience including organic search optimization, paid search advertising, local search, mobile and social media. Jay joined SIM Partners in 2006 as an equity partner and currently oversees mobile, social media and emerging technology at SIM Partners as the senior vice president of client success. 

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Google and J.J. Abrams team up on “Moon Shot,” a documentary series about the Lunar XPRIZE

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YouTube Acquires BandPage To Attract Musicians With Money-Making Tools

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TC Cribs: A Trip To The Love Nest, A Co-living Space For Bitcoin Enthusiasts

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This is a bit of an experimental Cribs episode this week. Stretch your wings and expand your understanding of life in startup land as I take you on a journey over to the Love Nest, a technology commune made mostly of bitcoin stars in Palo Alto, California. The Love Nest is a little Burning Man, a little startup incubator. Friends, co-founders and what the house calls “tech… Read More

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Our Cousin Jared

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No Dislike Button, But Facebook Begins Testing Reactions

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