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Asian Netflix Clone iFlix Is Raising $150M To Expand To Africa, Middle East And Europe

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Zynga Announces Q3 2015 Financial Results, Princess Bride Slots Game

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Zynga has announced its financial results for Q3 2015, which saw the mobile and social game company generate $196 million in revenue, a decrease of two percent from Q2 2015, but an increase of 11 percent from Q3 2014.

While Zynga’s online game revenue fell seven percent quarter-over-quarter to $151 million, advertising and ‘other’ revenue increased 18 percent from Q2 2015, to $45 million. Overall bookings for Q3 2015 were $176 million, an increase of one percent over Q2 2015.

In a statement, Zynga founder and CEO, Mark Pincus, commented:

Our teams delivered a strong Q3 driven by the performance by Wizard of Oz Slots, Words With Friends and our newly launched Empires & Allies. We generated $176 million in total bookings and $12 million in Adjusted EBITDA, well above the top end of our guidance range.

This growth was driven by our three core mobile franchises: Slots, Words With Friends and Poker, which grew 61 percent year-over-year. These results reflect the progress we continue to make in mobile where bookings have grown 26 percent versus the prior year and now make up 69 percent of our total bookings, up from 66 percent in Q2. We also continue to improve monetization and in Q3, we saw average bookings per user (ABPU) grow 27 percent year-over-year and 10 percent sequentially. Today, we also announced a $200 million stock buyback program. Given our belief in the social gaming opportunity, our talent and our IP, we believe this is in our shareholders’ interests.

Zynga also announced two of its upcoming titles, Dawn of Titans and CSR2, will now be released in 2016. Both games were previously expected to launch this year. In addition, the company announced a standalone Princess Bride Slots game for mobile, which is currently in testing in the Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and India. The game is expected to release worldwide in Q4 2015.

Finally, it was announced David Lee is resigning as Zynga’s chief financial officer, with Michelle Quejado becoming the interim CFO while Zynga selects a replacement.

Lee commented:

I believe Zynga is in a much stronger position today than it was when I joined the company, and I want to thank Mark for his partnership. We’ve moved the majority of our business to mobile and are focused on growing our new IP and existing franchises, while significantly reducing our cost structure. I’m proud of what our teams have accomplished and know that they, along with our interim CFO Michelle Quejado, will continue to focus on delivering long-term value for our shareholders while executing against our mission to connect the world though games.

For Q4 2015, Zynga projects its revenue to be between $170 million and $185 million, with projected bookings of $165 million to $180 million.

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Hermo, One Of Southeast Asia’s Top Beauty Sites, Lands $2M Series A

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500 Startups Closes Its Newest Fund with $85 Million

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Facebook, Messenger Replacing Email, Phone, Text in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asian Restaurant Booking App Offpeak Gets $800,000

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Malaysia Airlines Site Hacked By Lizard Squad

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More Yahoo Restructuring As Offices, Sales Teams Get Cut Across Europe And Asia

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How to deal with negative Facebook comments on your brand’s page

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People use Facebook to share their latest thoughts and happenings, where they have been recently, what they have eaten recently and their thoughts on the recent news. Facebook is a place of sharing, with users sharing their opinions about anything with each other.

But when it comes to sharing, not all posts or comments will be positive. People will share their negative experiences they had with your products all over social media, and some of them can be really nasty experiences.



The above screenshot shows an angry customer venting about the service officer of an airline. When most businesses see such angry customer comments, their common reaction would be to delete the comment or not respond to it at all.

But when people complain on your social media presence, it is important to respond to them – immediately.

Every time there’s an angry customer, you’re not just dealing with him or her. You’re dealing with the thousands of other people connected to your social platform who are watching you on dealing with this angry customer.

But that’s not all – when dealing with negative comments, 42 percent of your consumers expect you to reply within 60 minutes, and more than two third of your consumers expect a reply on the same day.

feedback3Credit: Convince and Convert

In the world of Facebook, speed is crucial; even more in times of a social media disaster.

The truth is that you will always have people complaining about your products or services, no matter what kind of business you are in, and Facebook is just another channel for them to voice out their unhappiness.

And if you don’t respond to them, this is the cost of the social media disaster!

feedback4 Credit: 2011 Symantec N=1225

A lot of companies see Facebook as a double-edged sword. The advantage will be to connect and build relationships with your consumers, and the disadvantage will be handling the negative remarks or feedback.

However, that is not always the case. Negative feedback is not a bad thing, but actually a great opportunity to turn a complainer to a great advocate.

I have seen a lot of successful brands that are able to handle their Facebook disaster and turn the complainers into great advocates, and I have broken down the strategy to dealing with negative comments or handling Facebook disaster into three steps.

1. Acknowledge

Firstly, you have to acknowledge the negative comment. By acknowledging, it can be just a simple, “I have received your feedback and understand your concern, we are looking into the matter right now.”

Never ever direct your complainers to a feedback form, as it is insincere. As the receiver, we should take down the complainer’s details and not have them working on anything except to wait for our investigation results.


Never ever drive your fans to other digital forms like what this brand has done.

By firstly acknowledging, we will be able to reply within 60 minutes, which is the expected time window. As social media evolves, the time window will only get shorter until the replies are instantaneous.

2. Apologize with sincerity

The second step is to apologize with sincerity. When something is truly wrong, the fastest way to be forgiven by anybody is to be truly sorry.

KFC Malaysia was once hit with a social media crisis when a video of their employee was seen playing and tampering with the food. Customer brought their unhappiness on KFC Malaysia’s social media outlets, such as Facebook and YouTube. Within 4 hours, the director of operations broadcasted a video to apologise to their customers, assure that they will set up CCTVs, announce that the staffs have been dealt with, and promised that such incidents will never happen again.

By taking effort to answer and fix the problems, customers will understand the mistake and forgive them, after feeling reassured with the swift and sincere actions.

3. Take it Offline

Lastly, it is to take the matter offline by providing a phone number for the complainer. I had a personal experience with Eurostar where there was a discrepancy between the tickets I booked and the tickets I received. I took to Eurostar’s Facebook page to sort the matter out.

feedback6They replied to me swiftly by providing me a phone number to call. The receiver on the line was fully aware of the problem I faced and fixed it without needing me to re-explain my issue again.

From all that is discussed, you should know by now that social media is not a double edge sword; instead it provides double the benefit. Not only that you get to connect with your consumers, you are able to turn them into raving and convinced customers when there are negative comments.

As a business, increasing loyal brand supporters will definitely increase your profit. From an unlikely source of complainers, you can convert them to the valuable customers you love to have!

Marcus Ho is the co-founder behind the award-winning measurable social media agency, SocialMetric. If you’re interested in learning more measurable and advanced social media strategies to boost sales, consider signing up to the SocialMetric Newsletter.

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Recommendation Engine Startup Predictry Lands $230,000 Seed Funding

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