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SimCity BuildIt Gets Sports Venues; The Sims FreePlay Goes A-List

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SimCity BuildIt and The Sims FreePlay welcomed new features Thursday, courtesy of developer EA Mobile.

A total of 15 new sports-themed venues were introduced for SimCity BuildIt, and EA Mobile said these additions will help players attract new citizens and boost the populations of their cities.

New content will be released every week for the next four weeks, according to EA Mobile, and venues for every type of sport will be included.

Meanwhile, The Sims FreePlay has gone Hollywood with its Movie Star update, which allows players to enter the Sim Town Movie Studio and live the lives of A-list celebrities, including managing their Sims through hectic schedules, keeping an eye out for paparazzi and securing and retaining A-list status.

SimCity BuildIt and The Sims FreePlay players: What are your thoughts on the updates announced Thursday?


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For my daughter

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Reliance Games Launches The BFG Game on iOS, Android

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Reliance Games and Amblin Partners announced the launch of The BFG Game on iOS and Android. The match-three puzzle game is based on the upcoming film The BFG, which hits theaters July 1. In the game, players join Sophie and the BFG as they travel through London, the Dream Country and more.

The BFG Game Screenshots

Each level of The BFG Game asks players to complete a different objective before running out of moves. For instance, one stage may ask players to earn a required number of points, while another stage may ask users to clear wooden tiles from the board by creating matches on top of them.

As players create matches with four or more symbols, or matches in special T, L or square shapes, they’ll create power-up symbols that can be used in future matches to trigger special effects on the board. For instance, one power-up may clear an entire row or column of symbols when activated, while another may clear every symbol of a single color from the board, and so on.

If users need help finishing objectives, they can purchase and activate special booster items during stages. The net booster, for instance, can be used to clear one chosen symbol from the board.

Users will lose lives if they fail to compete levels before running out of moves. These lives recharge automatically over time, or players can purchase lives instantly with premium currency. Users can also ask their Facebook friends to send them free lives.

The BFG Game is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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Facebook rolls out Slideshow movie-maker to compete with Google and Apple

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Facebook iOS Slideshow

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand

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It seems to me that there is one universal truth in this world: Everyone loves, has loved or is nostalgic for Lego. From the incredible success of The Lego Movie, to the product enjoying decades of success, not to mention the successful video games in a variety of genres, Lego may now be more relevant than at any point since it launched in 1949–a fact supported by Brand Finance naming Lego the world’s most powerful brand in 2015.

In 2016, you don’t have a hope or a prayer of being the most powerful anything without an incredible online marketing campaign behind you. Lego has certainly accomplished this thanks to a groundbreaking online marketing campaign which hits its high notes on:

  • YouTube: Its online video is bordering on being a private publishing house to rival any TV network.
  • Twitter: Its 140 character content is playful, fun and easy to share.
  • User-generated content: A summary of Its user-generated content is difficult, but I could easily call it the best campaign I’ve seen.

I am going to look at each of these different aspects of Lego’s marketing in an effort to show you how to build your own brand similarly. My only regret will be not having covered everything: Contact me for a novel if that’s what you want.

YouTube and online video marketing

Let’s start with Lego’s YouTube marketing, as it is just ridiculously well done. Lego is a global brand without a single doubt, and it fully acknowledges this in its video marketing efforts. Would you like proof? Watch these two videos:

As you probably figured out, neither of those videos is in English. Lego creates videos and completely dubs them over in a wide variety of languages. The millions of people who speak these languages develop a deeper bond than any subtitled video could possibly create.

Lego does this for a wide variety of content, as well. Take a look at this screenshot of its uploaded videos, and you’ll get an idea of the many different series it features and updates regularly:


Lego has fully committed to creating online video for its fans, and it is paying off in the kind of brand loyalty that leads one to become the most powerful brand on earth.

This is not its only success in the online video world, and it is not its greatest. The most popular videos it currently creates and uploads directly feature its creations. It does this in two ways. The first is in its Lego Creator video series, where the people who actually design the Lego packs talk about what they’ve made:

It couldn’t be simpler or more direct in how it markets a product, but it works to the tune of hundreds of thousands of views every time Lego uploads one. This goes to show that if you get experts talking about your products, with a great setting and lots of energy, you can create product related videos on YouTube.

The second way they do this is with these completely silly Lego News videos:

This is episode No. 7, and it has received more than 600,000 views in one month. All it does is present Lego’s products in a fun way. It is, of course, a long commercial for its new race cars, but it is damn entertaining.

The flaw in Lego’s online video

There is one terrible flaw in Lego’s online video that I would highly recommend you not replicate: It does not do a proper video outro that links to other videos or a push to subscribe. The credits roll, and you’re left to choose whichever thing you’ll want to watch wherever you want, and you can completely forget to subscribe.

Make sure to create your own video outro for each and every video, which gives viewers at least one more video of yours to click on, with a push to subscribe to maximize your video marketing.

Twitter content

Lego has been doing something that I’ve been observing about the top Twitter accounts in the world lately. From @Starbucks to @Samsung Mobile and even @LEGO_Group, they all use audience segmentation to break their potential followers up into smaller accounts, which all feed up to the main account.

For example, there is the main @LEGO_Group account. While that account is at a respectable, but far from industry leading, 362,000 followers, that account isn’t all Lego has up its sleeve. It segmented their audience to include dedicated accounts, with dedicated content, for:

And on and on as Lego looks to create accounts that appeal to specific followers in its audience, give them the exact content they want and push them up toward the main account.

Lego also really gets Twitter content, as is way too evident by this tweet:

When you save the day…Again! #LEGOBatmanMovie pic.twitter.com/6NIz149ecI

— LEGO Batman (@LEGOBatmanMovie) June 6, 2016

I’d retweet that in a heartbeat.

Lego is also quite keen on having content prepared in advance for trending topics it knows about before they happen. This includes both traditional and non-traditional holidays and events, as well as using the hashtags associated with them:

Happy Free Comic Book Day, Batman! @DCComics #LEGOSuperHeroes #BuildSomethingSuper #FCBD #FCBD2016 #DCFCBD pic.twitter.com/7rN3Q9f7d7

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) May 7, 2016

Good luck to everyone running the marathon today! #LondonMarathon pic.twitter.com/ReQk0ub81U

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) April 24, 2016

Yay Leo! #Oscars2016 pic.twitter.com/o9cE4hv4ti

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) February 29, 2016

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy Holiday, from our LEGO family to yours! #Christmas #Holidays pic.twitter.com/6DAtRnwWWT

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) December 25, 2015

These tweets and their consistent retweet numbers don’t happen by accident. Lego plans to be viral in these moments in advance and creates unique pieces of content that perfectly suit the moment. Your Twitter marketing needs to do more of this in an effort to get more followers, spread your message in a viral way and reach new audiences.

User-generated content

This is where it all really happens. Lego’s user-generated content campaign is the single most impressive thing it does, by far. It’s called Lego Ideas, and every brand should find a way to make this part of their online marketing strategy.

It works quite simply:

  1. A fan creates an all new Lego construction on his or her own time.
  2. The fan uploads it to the Lego Ideas website.
  3. Their idea has a set amount of time to garner 10,000 supporters on the Lego Ideas page.
  4. Fans do all of their own promotion to drive for those 10,000 supporters.
  5. Once they reach 10,000 supporters, the Lego review team picks their favorites.
  6. The best Lego Idea creations become real Lego playsets sold worldwide, with a percentage of the sales going to the creator.

This may be the best example of user-generated content in the history of online marketing. It covers every aspect of Lego’s business, as fans bring it new ideas and do all of the promotion themselves.

To look at Twitter as an example, support for these models comes from nearly everywhere:

.@LEGOIdeas to launch production of fan-created #SaturnV moon rocket model: https://t.co/V0XfY8AULQ pic.twitter.com/kFYfMBwv7x

— collectSPACE (@collectSPACE) June 9, 2016

If your an #AgentsofSHIELD fan, help make this @LEGOIdeas become an actual set! https://t.co/qnMv7Dax5S #Lego pic.twitter.com/aAq5G3GHLO

— You Wish (@youwishmusic) June 9, 2016

The Addams Family Mansion LEGO Ideas concept set reaches 10,000 supporter goal… https://t.co/bI9HwTu7zX pic.twitter.com/XEVQEKFNlE

— Flickering Myth (@flickeringmyth) June 6, 2016

Would you like to build your own mini LEGO LHC and ATLAS detector? Vote now! https://t.co/AXZ51doIZ4 #LEGOIdeas pic.twitter.com/mBsfomfaXn

— ATLAS Experiment (@ATLASexperiment) May 30, 2016

Yes, that last one was a Lego Ideas set for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Who would have thought an idea like that up? A science nerd looking to appeal to science nerds, of course.

That’s exactly what this entire user-generated campaign does. It puts Lego right in the middle of an enormous cross-section of interests and makes it a niche product in nearly every niche you can think of.

And some fans get serious about promoting their LEGO Ideas, all at no cost whatsoever to Lego itself. Here’s what the creators of the LEGO LHC made on YouTube:

It’s a direct parody of an iPad commercial. You just got science pranked.

When it comes time to choose the new sets, Lego produces a YouTube video that shows who won. Here’s the most recent one:

Are we sure that the people at Lego get paid to have this much fun?

What this all means for Lego

From top to bottom, Lego looks to be having great fun with its entire online marketing plan, and it hardly has to do any work. All of these videos, people on forums promoting their own creation and videos with links have done so, so much to create tons of backlinks for Lego. This will cement its brand as one of the top in the world both on and offline.

If you ever get half an idea for a user-generated content plan, be sure to think about how all of this can come as a result. Free videos, Twitter content and backlinks, not to mention product ideas! What else could you want?

Matthew Yeoman is an online marketing analyst and writer. You can read his blogs over on Devumi every Friday, where you can expect to read more content exactly like this. Feel free to follow the @Devumi gorilla on Twitter, as well: That banana muncher has some great content to share with you.

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Zynga Launches Ice Age: Arctic Blast Match-Three Game

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Zynga announced the launch of Ice Age: Arctic Blast on mobile. Developed in collaboration with Eat Sleep Play, the match-three game stars characters from all five films in the Ice Age franchise, including Ice Age: Collision Course, which hits theaters July 22.

In each level of Ice Age: Arctic Blast, players are challenged to complete a different objective before running out of moves. For instance, one stage may ask players to earn a required number of points, while another may ask them to clear snow tiles by making matches on top of them, and so on.

As players create matches with four or more matching symbols, or matches in special T, L or square shapes, they’ll create special symbols that can help them complete objectives. For instance, when players create a match with five symbols, they’ll create an Ellie symbol that can be used to clear all symbols of a single type from the board.

At launch, Ice Age: Arctic Blast features 100 levels and 16 characters from the Ice Age films. Players can activate some characters’ special abilities, such as Scrat’s Super-Smash or Crash and Eddie’s Snowball Assault, to help them complete levels.

In a statement, Jim Stern, executive producer at Zynga, commented:

Starring timeless characters like Sid, Manny, Diego, Scrat and more, Ice Age: Arctic Blast is a new twist on the match-three genre, challenging players to progress through the iconic Ice Age universe. For the first time ever, we are integrating all of the Ice Age movies into a single game, giving movie fans the ability to interact with the entire herd of Ice Age characters through deeply immersive gameplay and stunning visuals. We can’t wait for our players to travel back in time and discover it for themselves.

Ice Age: Arctic Blast is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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Twitter Ads Account for 10% of Domestic Movie Ticket Sales (Report)

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Twitter might not be the biggest or fastest-growing social network, but that doesn’t diminish its value as a space for breaking news and social TV event engagement. Data from Neustar Marketshare indicates that advertising on Twitter might be driving value for domestic movie ticket sales, as well.


Twitter commissioned Neustar to quantify the impact of advertising on domestic film releases, with a primary focus on comedy and action movies. According to the study, Twitter contributed to 13 percent of all action movie ticket sales and nearly 10 percent of comedy movie sales. Overall, Twitter helped sell one out of every 10 movie tickets sold in the U.S. and Canada.


What’s more, when TV campaigns are supported by Twitter ads, movie studios can experience up to a 16 percent increase in return on investment. For comedies specifically, adding Twitter to the movie marketing mix resulted in up to a 24 percent increase in ROI and an 11 percent increase in ROI for action movies, according to the Neustar data.


When compared with other advertising methods including print, radio, paid search, online display ads, out-of-home and even TV, Twitter’s return on advertising proved 3.5 times more efficient at driving sales domestically.

Check out the full report for more details.

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Zen Studios Launches Independence Day: Resurgence–Battle Heroes on Mobile

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Zen Pinball creator Zen Studios partnered with Fox Digital Entertainment to release Independence Day: Resurgence—Battle Heroes on mobile. The strategy game is based on upcoming film Independence Day: Resurgence, coming to theaters June 24.

In Independence Day: Resurgence—Battle Heroes, players join the Earth Space Defense and will compete against aliens in turn-based battles. Each of the player’s pilots has a different set of skills, and these skills may be more or less effective against certain kinds of opponents.

Players can upgrade their units over time to make them stronger. Specifically, players will collect upgrade materials as they complete battles, and they can equip these materials to different parts of their ships to upgrade their stats. Users can also upgrade their pilots and level up their skills over time. Gamers can replay some battles up to three times per day to earn additional rewards.

In addition, players can collect extra upgrade materials and blueprints by opening supply crates. Blueprints are used to unlock new pilots and ships to command in battles. Gamers can open five basic supply crates and one premium supply crate for free each day. Additional crates can be purchased with free and premium currency.

While players begin with access to the game’s single-player campaign mode, they’ll unlock additional gameplay modes, including player-vs-player battles and cooperative events, as they level up.

Independence Day: Resurgence—Battle Heroes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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Google’s Motion Stills App Turns Your Live Photos Into GIFs, Movies

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Google released Motion Stills, an iOS application that allows users to transform Live Photos into GIFs and movies. The app includes video stabilization technology, which works to reduce the shakiness in Live Photos.

The Motion Stills app allows users to create sharable GIFs and looping videos from individual Live Photos, as well as to create longer videos by swiping to combine multiple Live Photos into movies. When creating videos, users can drag and drop clips to change their playback order before finalizing their projects. Users can upload finished videos directly to YouTube, or they can save them to their devices for sharing on other platforms.

A blog post reads:

This app is a way for us to experiment and iterate quickly on the technology needed for short video creation. Based on the feedback we receive, we hope to integrate this feature into existing products like Google Photos.

The Motion Stills app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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Disney Crossy Road Adds Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Disney released the latest content update for Disney Crossy Road on mobile, which adds content from Alice Through the Looking Glass to the game.

This update includes a new world, Time’s Castle, based on the film Alice Through the Looking Glass. The world features 18 characters, including Alice, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Of these characters, 13 can be earned from the game’s prize machine, while five secret characters can be earned in other ways. Gamers will need to unlock one of these characters through the prize machine (or through in-app purchase) before they can play in the new world.

Disney Crossy Road Alice

While playing in Time’s Castle, users can collect hourglasses to earn bonus points. Collecting hourglasses will also charge an hourglass meter at the side of the screen. When the meter is filled, the world around the character will enter slow motion for a short time. During this time, users can collect additional hourglasses to earn extra bonus points.

In addition to this new world, this update includes a new daily missions system, which allows players to earn exclusive characters over time, including one from Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Daily missions challenge players to complete specific tasks within the game, such as, “Hop on six lilypads today.” Each time players complete six daily missions, they’ll receive an exclusive new character. In addition to completing a main daily mission, players can complete two secondary missions each day to receive gift boxes.

Overall, the game’s latest update includes 25 new characters to unlock, with eight of them being secret.

Disney Crossy Road is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Windows Store and Amazon Appstore.

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