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Facebook Helps Extend Reach of TV Ad Campaigns (Study)

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How can advertisers complement their traditional television ad campaigns with digital components such as Facebook?

The social network commissioned a study by Nielsen on how 15 campaigns for TV shows, movies and console games performed across TV and Facebook, and the social network’s head of entertainment measurement, Jason LeBar, spoke with Facebook IQ, joined by Nielsen director of media analytics Nichole Henderson. LeBar and Henderson are pictured on the right.

Highlights of their conversation with Facebook IQ follow:


We found that cross-platform strategies were successful in increasing the reach efficiency of the campaigns. Facebook was able to accurately target audiences and manage frequency, resulting in an average of 10 times higher efficiency in building unique reach when compared to TV. Marketers can use these findings and tools like Total Ad Ratings measurement to optimize their cross-platform media strategies in a way that really capitalizes on each platform’s strengths.

The research showed pretty clearly that Facebook is an effective tool marketers can leverage to extend reach among target audiences. Facebook helped reach an average of 10 million incremental people—10 million people who would not have been reached had the studied campaigns used TV plans alone. That is a significant number of people, all of whom can impact the success of a film, TV show or console game. Building reach is critical throughout the marketing launch cycle for all forms of entertainment, and we saw that Facebook was effective in both building target reach and doing so efficiently.

We actually found some interesting differences across the three verticals. Overall, Facebook was able to build reach more efficiently than TV in each type of campaign we studied: 15 times more in the film campaigns, nine times more in the console gaming campaigns and five times more in the TV campaigns. We saw that film campaigns were larger than the average entertainment campaign, averaging 1.8 billion exposures (compared with the overall entertainment average of 1.4 billion for the 15 campaigns). We also saw that console gaming campaigns typically targeted younger males, which Facebook can do accurately, while the TV campaigns tended to have broader targets (typically people ages 18 through 49).


Nielsen typically measures advertising effectiveness using the 3R framework of reach, resonance and reaction. But in this study, we focused specifically on campaign reach, looking at data from 15 entertainment campaigns that were measured with Nielsen’s Total Ad Rating Product. This tool measures the reach, frequency and GRPs (gross rating points) of cross-platform campaigns. The study examined these campaigns and their corresponding media plans. The average number of TV exposures for each of these plans was 1.4 billion, and the average number of Facebook impressions was 69 million. But it’s important to note that the campaigns also varied in size, with the TV plans ranging from 99 million to 3.5 billion exposures and the Facebook campaigns ranging from 22 million to 134 million impressions.

Building on Jason’s point, we found that many younger people were being reached on Facebook who would not have been reached through TV alone. More specifically, Facebook delivered an average of 13.4 percent in Facebook-only reach for target audiences ages 18 through 24 and 9.4 percent for audiences ages 25 through 34. The data also showed that more than one in three (35.9 percent) of those reached on Facebook were light TV viewers (who make up the bottom third of TV viewers based on total viewing time).

Readers: What did you think of the findings by Nielsen (on Facebook’s behalf)?

FacebookIQNielsenCrossPlatformEfficiency FacebookIQNielsenCrossPlatformReach

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Fan TV’s New App Is A Must-Have For Cord Cutters

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Shocase PRESENTS: Original Video Series for Marketing Professionals

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ShocasePresentsChuckMcBrideMarketing professional-targeted social network Shocase announced the launch of original mini-documentary video series Shocase PRESENTS, aimed at spotlighting stars of the marketing sector.

Shocase launched recently with the aim of bringing some of the best features of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest together in one place for marketing professionals of all disciplines.

The social network said its Shocase PRESENTS series will be divided into four main topics:

  • Creative Works: Those who push the bounds of creativity.
  • Rising Stars: Up-and-comers in the marketing world.
  • Master Craft: Industry legends who are true marketing masters.
  • Then & Now: Topics that show the evolution of marketing and creativity over time.

The initial installment of Shocase PRESENTS will feature Cutwater chief creative officer Chuck McBride, creator of the “Got Milk?” campaign.

McBride will be followed by social media strategist and YouTube marketing expert Brendan Gahan, whose “Ape with AK-47” viral video backing feature film Rise of the Planet of the Apes was viewed more than 31 million times.

The McBride and Gahan installments are embedded below, and future Shocase PRESENTS videos will feature graphic designer Kit Hinrichs, Nike West senior marketing director Jabari Hearn and Mekanism president and CEO Jason Harris.

Shocase founder and CEO Ron Young said in a release introducing Shocase PRESENTS:

The idea of Shocase PRESENTS is to give members of the site a glimpse behind the curtain at the best of the best in the marketing world as they share their stories, ideas and perspectives on the industry. Offering entertaining, sleek and digestible original content will only further our mission to make Shocase the go-to place for marketing professionals to get connected and stay informed.

Readers: What are your initial impressions of Shocase PRESENTS?

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JustWatch Debuts A New Search Engine For Cord Cutters

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GOLDEN GLOBES: 17M Facebook Interactions

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2015GoldenGlobeAwards650Sunday night’s 72nd annual Golden Globes awards generated 17 million interactions (posts, comments and likes) from 8 million Facebook users during the event, up from 7.2 million interactions and 4.1 million users last year, the social network told Mashable.

The 10 moments during Sunday night’s event that generated the most Facebook buzz were:

  • Prince presents the award for best original song to Common and John Legend (Selma).
  • Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson present the award for best supporting actress to Joanne Frogatt (Downton Abbey).
  • Transparent wins best TV comedy or musical.
  • Jennifer Lopez and Jeremy Renner present Billy Bob Thornton (Fargo) with the award for best actor in a miniseries.
  • Ricky Gervais presents Amy Adams (Big Eyes) with the award for best actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy.
  • The opening monologue by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.
  • Jared Leto presents Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) with the award for best supporting actress in a motion picture, drama.
  • Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) wins best actor in a TV drama.
  • Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig present the award for best original screenplay (Birdman).
  • Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda present Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent) with the award for best actor in a TV comedy.
  • Readers: Did you interact on Facebook during the 72nd annual Golden Globes awards?

    Image of Golden Globes statue courtesy of Shutterstock.

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    ‘The Interview’ Nets $15 Million In Online Sales During Opening Four Days

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    The Interview

    Viewers Worldwide Are Torrenting ‘The Interview’ Despite U.S.-Only Release

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    The Interview

    Sony Offers ‘The Interview’ Online For Rent Or Purchase Starting Today At 1 PM ET

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    World Cup, Ebola among biggest Facebook topics of 2014

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    fb_press_1440px (1)

    The most talked about topic on Facebook in 2014? The World Cup, which was also a major success for advertisers. The Ebola virus, which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan donated to fight, was the second-most popular topic on Facebook this year.

    Here’s a look at the most talked about topics around the world on Facebook in 2014:

    1. World Cup
    2. Ebola virus outbreak
    3. Elections in Brazil
    4. Robin Williams
    5. Ice Bucket Challenge
    6. Conflict in Gaza
    7. Malaysia Airlines
    8. Super Bowl
    9. Michael Brown/Ferguson
    10. Sochi Winter Olympics

    Wondering what the top games of 2014 were? We’ve got you covered.

    Here’s a consortium of lists relevant to Facebook activity in the U.S.:

    Most Talked-About Topics in the US

    1. Ebola virus outbreak
    2. Ice Bucket Challenge
    3. Robin Williams
    4. Super Bowl
    5. Michael Brown/Ferguson
    6. World Cup
    7. Conflict in Gaza
    8. US midterm elections
    9. Malaysia Airlines
    10. ISIS

    Most Checked-Into Places in the US

    1. Disney properties
    2. Universal Studios Hollywood
    3. Times Square
    4. Yosemite National Park
    5. Grand Canyon National Park
    6. Yellowstone National Park
    7. Yankee Stadium
    8. Las Vegas Strip
    9. Hollywood Walk of Fame
    10. Madison Square Garden

    Most Talked-About Athletes in the US

    1. LeBron James
    2. Derek Jeter
    3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    4. Lionel Messi
    5. Peyton Manning
    6. Carmelo Anthony
    7. Tim Howard
    8. Luis Suarez
    9. Cristiano Ronaldo
    10. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    Most Talked-About Entertainers in the US

    1. Beyoncé
    2. Pharrell Williams
    3. Nicki Minaj
    4. Taylor Swift
    5. Jimmy Fallon
    6. Iggy Azalea
    7. Katy Perry
    8. Pitbull
    9. John Legend
    10. Kim Kardashian

    Most Talked-About TV Shows in the US

    1. Game of Thrones
    2. Orange is the New Black
    3. The Walking Dead
    4. The Big Bang Theory
    5. Downton Abbey
    6. American Horror Story
    7. Sons of Anarchy
    8. True Detective
    9. How I Met Your Mother
    10. Scandal

    Most Talked-About Movies in the US

    1. Frozen
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Maleficent
    5. The Lego Movie
    6. The Fault in Our Stars
    7. Transformers: Age of Extinction
    8. Gone Girl
    9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
    10. The Purge: Anarchy

    Most Talked-About Songs in the US

    1. Happy – Pharrell
    2. All of Me – John Legend
    3. Stay with Me – Sam Smith
    4. Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon
    5. Let It Go (from Frozen) – Idina Menzel
    6. Drunk in Love – Beyoncé featuring JAY Z
    7. Anaconda – Nicki Minaj
    8. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
    9. Rude – Magic!
    10. Fancy – Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX

    Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

    Watch The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Right Here

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