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Bar Roulette routes your Uber to a random bar nearby

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Cocktail Glass

ABI Research predicts no more night vision for vehicles

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Active Night View Assist Plus

Mobile Game Roundup: EvilBane: Rise of Ravens, Tales of Link and More

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If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, you have lots of new options to try, including two games featuring Disney characters.

The first game, Disney Crossy Road, was released by Disney and Hipster Whale. The game allows users to play in nine Disney-themed worlds as they attempt to survive as long as possible while crossing lanes of traffic, rivers and more.

The second game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (read as Unchained ‘Key’), was released by Square Enix. The game allows players to create their own Keyblade Master and complete quests by defeating Heartless in turn-based battles.

Are you looking for something different to play? Here’s a look at some of the additional games released this week.

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens (Free on Android) – From Netmarble Games, this hack-n-slash RPG follows three main characters and challenges players to defeat ‘a dark and powerful shadow’ before it destroys the world. The game includes 1,200 types of gear to collect and upgrade, and allows users to team up with other players in raids. Users can form guilds with other players, and compete against others in a player-vs-player arena. EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is coming soon to iOS.

No Thing ($1.99 on iOS, Android) – This surreal action game from Evil Indie Games places players in the role of an office clerk who is asked to deliver an important message to The Queen of Ice. Gamers will walk down a pathway floating in the sky, and must stay on the platform and continue walking while voices, faces and story information appear. During the game’s launch week, No Thing can be purchased for $1.99. Once the promotion ends, the price will increase to $3.99.

Survive the Night (Free on Android) – This arcade survival game from Aspyrian Labs challenges players to survive as long as possible while avoiding zombies. Gamers will need to collect food in the world to avoid starvation, and can also collect power-ups while playing. Gamers can unlock new color schemes for the game, as well as pets, over time.

Soccer Clicker (Free on iOS) – This soccer-themed clicker from Naquatic allows players to tap on the screen to kick a soccer ball into a goal. As players tap, they earn points which go toward completing training days, as well as money. Gamers can spend money on upgrades for their player so they earn more points with each tap. In addition, gamers can purchase and upgrade team members, which earn points automatically even if players aren’t tapping. After completing a few training days, gamers compete in a match against another team, which challenges them to tap as quickly as possible to earn more points than their opponent in a limited time. Soccer Clicker is coming soon to Android and Amazon.

Tales of Link

Tales of Link (Free on iOS, Android) – This RPG from Bandai Namco Entertainment features characters from the ‘Tales of’ series, and allows players to create a team of heroes on a quest to save the world. The game offers nine characters, each with their own skills. During battle, players attack enemies by dragging their finger to create links between heroes with the same colored mark.

In addition to these new releases, D3 Go! has released Marvel Puzzle Quest on the Amazon Appstore. The game was previously released on iOS and Android.

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Come to TechCrunch’s pre-F8 Facebook developers meetup

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Here’s Why You Should Use Geo-Targeting and Interest Data to Improve Mobile Ad Performance

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Mobile continues to create new opportunities and challenges for marketers. Mobile devices have become invaluable tools for Millennials and Gen Z in particular, providing marketers with rich data about location and interests. This data can be used to improve in-store customer experiences and deliver more personalized advertising.

However, the one of the biggest challenges with mobile is tracking ad performance. And it’s not really a unique problem, according to UberMedia CMO Michael Hayes, adding that even the digital ad model doesn’t really work on mobile either. He is optimistic that the market will work out the kinks and says it’s time for advertisers to look at the mobile advertising in a new way.

Since the top 25 advertisers usually sell products in the physical world, most of which are measuring performance based on media outcomes such as clicks and impressions. Hayes notes that location is important for companies that want to get buyers in stores, and mobile has the ability to provide this data:

One of the things unique things to a mobile ad buy is that you can link location data to real-world location visits. And that is a much more compelling performance outcome — it’s a business outcome rather than a media outcome.

While location data can be a powerful tool, Hayes admits it’s not enough to build a highly targeted custom audience profile. In addition to providing information about where consumers have been, mobile devices can generate data about which apps they’re using, along with other social signals. The interest data combined with location data is what helps advertisers pull together very specific target audiences.

Unfortunately many advertisers are still using the old television style targeting that simply aren’t specific enough. Rather than viewing audiences through the lens of a television buying demo of adults 25-to-54—which pretty much includes everyone—Hayes says he works with agencies to create more targeted customer personas using mobile:

Guess what vehicle is with you all the time basically tracking all those little digital breadcrumbs? Your mobile device.

He added that the data from mobile devices can be used to “fortify the planning process” to understand things like who the most frequent shoppers are at a particular retail location or who buys tacos in the middle of the night. This information can also be used to optimize campaigns in real time.

Hayes offered these tips for advertisers who want to use geo-targeting and interest data to improve mobile ad performance:

  1. Conquest your competitors. Retargeting consumers who have visited yours and your competitors’ locations works well to drive repeat visits and harvest foot traffic to physical stores.
  2. Use location aware creative. Leverage location cues to serve dynamic, hyper-relevant creative, and give consumers a sense of nearest retail location.
  3. Measure incremental foot traffic. Measure visits plus incremental lift from publishers you’re buying from. Just because a network has a lot of reach doesn’t mean it’s the best buy in media plan.  

Readers: What other tips would you offer?

Article courtesy of SocialTimes

iOS 9.3 is available for download today

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iOS 9.3 image

Up All Night gets you into concerts and exclusive events for $25 a month

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Up All Night

What To Expect At The 9th Annual Crunchies

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Who Were the Most Tweeted About Celebrities During the Golden Globes?

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Last night, Hollywood honored some of the best performances of 2015 at the Golden Globe Awards. While the passing of pop culture icon David Bowie has taken over the social chatter this morning, make no mistake: the Golden Globes unfolded live both on television and on social media.

On Twitter, which has become the home of real-time social TV viewing, the awards generated 4.4 million Tweets from the red carpet, behind the scenes, fan responses and the Periscope campaign #SmartGirlsAsk.

According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, Lady Gaga, who won an award for her role on American Horror Story: Hotel, was the most talked about celebrity of the night with 141,147 mentions. Leonardo DiCaprio also won an award and was runner up for most talked about during the ceremony. There was an interesting crossover between the two, where Gaga was making her way to accept her award and Leo was caught reacting.

Of course, reaction GIFs and memes ensued.

No matter what happens later in the night, @LeoDiCaprio just won the #GoldenGlobes. pic.twitter.com/OZsW5tkMFJ

— Yahoo Movies (@YahooMovies) January 11, 2016

Yahoo may have declared Leo’s reaction “winning” the night, but as the most talked about celeb both on the red carpet and during the show, Lady Gaga was clearly the star of the show. While not among the best dressed, Jennifer Lawrence was among the most talked about both before and during the show with more than 80,000 Golden Globe related tweets. This year, Lawrence wasn’t caught stopping at McDonald’s or tripping her way onto the stage, but scolding a reporter for looking at his phone during a backstage interview.

Jennifer Lawrence calls out a reporter for not looking up from his phone. #GoldenGlobes #backstage https://t.co/anWeQCsIL6 — Variety (@Variety) January 11, 2016

Behind the scenes streaming on Periscope featured Q&As with the stars as part of Amy Poehler‘s #SmartGirlsAsk campaign, where celebs were asked questions beyond what they were wearing. Here’s how Emmy Rossem responded to the fan submitted question about dealing with rejection:

.@emmyrossum answers a question from @rachsuperstarr. #SmartGirlsAsk https://t.co/riuahDM5S8

— Golden Globe Awards (@goldenglobes) January 11, 2016

Check out the list of most Tweeted celebrities below.

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas In 2015

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