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Here’s The First Full Length Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

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Lessons From A TechCrunch Disrupt Launch

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disrupt sf 2014 startup alley

A Programmer Is Recreating The Classic Game Night Trap In The Browser

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Google Launches Special Cases For Android Phones With Skrillex And His Dog

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Lyft Experiment Lets Passengers Rate Each Other And Connect After The Ride Is Over

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The Importance of Understanding Facebook’s Algorithms (Part 1)

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You can gain competitive advantage in your advertising by understanding how Facebook really works. Algorithms do all the magic under the hood, so today, let’s start with Facebook’s budget pacing algorithm. When combined with the Vickrey–Clarke–Groves mechanism that Facebook uses in the auction, the best value is generated for advertisers.

The budget pacing algorithm controls spending over time. Without it, many campaigns or ad sets might spend their whole budget in just a few hours, which wouldn’t be optimal. In general, the reason it wouldn’t be optimal is that the campaign might miss out on cheaper impressions, clicks or actions in the auction that are available later in the day. Besides getting the best price, pacing also ensures predictable delivery and helps all advertisers get fair access to their target audiences.

At the moment, Facebook has different pacing algorithms for different use cases. We concentrated on analyzing the daily budget pacing algorithm since this is what most of our customers at Smartly use. The most optimal strategy is to start with a conservative daily budget and then carefully increase it.

How does it work in real life?

The pacing system controls the competing bid so that spend will be smooth throughout the day. See the following example (Picture 1) with the daily budget of €200. The first thing you notice is that the budget is used quite evenly throughout the day. However, the budget is spent slower during the night hours since Facebook takes into account the sites traffic patterns: each audience group behaves differently and generally less people are online during the night. As another example, Facebook mobile app users tend to be online more often than people who don’t use the app.


Picture 1. The daily budget pacing algorithm with a fixed budget.

What happens when you increase the budget during the day?

We started analyzing this question by shifting the daily budget from €200 to €400 during the day. Increasing the daily budget during the day (Picture 2) speeds up the spending if there are no other limiting factors such as a bid that is too low. Increasing the daily budget is a powerful way to accelerate the delivery of your campaign or ad set. Alternatively, you can spend the whole budget as fast as possible from the beginning of the campaign with our accelerated delivery feature.

If you increase the daily budget late in the evening or night, the pacing algorithm might spend the remaining budget very fast, which, in turn, might decrease the campaign’s performance for the rest of the day. You can optimize the budget manually or automate it.


Picture 2. Increasing the daily spend during the day.

What happens when you decrease the budget during the day?

Decreasing the daily budget slows down spending for the day, as seen in Picture 3. Be careful when decreasing the daily budget since it can cause what we like to call a “hangover day.” The rest of the day will be spent slowly and the performance might be bad also for the next full day due to a lower amount of conversion data. Thus, if you have to decrease the daily budget, do it close to midnight to avoid hangovers.


Picture 3. Decreasing the daily budget during the day.

If your campaign or ad set can’t spend the entire daily budget, the issue isn’t in the budget pacing, but somewhere else like in bidding, targeting or creative. If it can spend the entire daily budget, however, then do all the daily budget changes close to midnight. That said, if your metrics, for example your CPA level is good and the audience size is large enough, look promising, increasing the daily budget conservatively during the day improves performance.

We have noticed that a working strategy is to start with a conservative daily budget and then carefully increase it. It’s faster and easier to increase the budget than to decrease it, due to the hangover risk we just described. As a final point, we do not recommend changing the budget more often than three times a day since the pacing algorithm takes some time to learn the new optimal bid.

The next part will reveal the secrets of the oCPM bidding algorithm and how to use it for competitive advantage.

Kalle Tiihonen works as an Account Manager at Smartly.io, one of the fastest-growing Facebook Marketing Partners in Europe.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th Anniversary Special Breaks Twitter TV Records

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CNBC’s Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special broke two Twitter television ratings records, reveals new data from Nielsen.

Nine million people in the U.S. saw 1.3 million tweets about the celebrity-packed episode on Sunday (February 15th), which were sent by 449,000 users.

Overall, more than 187 million impressions were generated by the show on Twitter, crowning Saturday Night Live as the show with the highest Twitter TV impressions of any series episode to date, and also the highest unique audience of any series episode in the 2014-15 season.

As a comparison, Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game generated 126 million tweet impressions.

Check the chart below for the top five shows on Twitter for the day.

‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th Anniversary Special Breaks Twitter TV Records

(Source: Nielsen.)

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

Social Media Newsfeed: Grammys Social Media Reaction | Online Video Startups

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Iggy Azalea’s Grammy Hairstyle Mocked on Social Media (Fox News)
Sia might have worn a giant wig to the Grammys red carpet Sunday, but it was Iggy Azalea who had the night’s biggest hair moment. Sporting a milkmaid braid, the Australian rapper became an instant meme thanks to her “Fancy” hair choice. Forbes Pentatonix just won its first-ever golden gramophone, earning the nod in the Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella category for its medley “Daft Punk.” The group owes much of its success to a group of fans that’s as engaged and diverse as that of many big-name pop acts: Pentatonix has 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone. Twitter Blog Ahead of Sunday’s big show, performers brought their followers to the red carpet and beyond. For instance, GRAMMY nominees @Pharrell, @samsmithworld, @Usher and @ImCharlieWilson hosted a series of Twitter Q&As to build anticipation prior to the show. The Independent Ever the diva, ever the maverick and ever so slightly over the top, Madonna waltzed into this year’s Grammy Awards in a Givenchy 21st century-take of a Spanish bullfighter, although it is safe to say Madonna’s version would not allow for much protection from the horns of any charging mammal. Of course, with the 56-year-old singer unafraid to show off her figure and dare to be different, Twitter had a lot to say about Madonna living in a matador world, particularly when she seemed to flash a certain part of the body which rarely sees a ray of light. Asbury Park Press Kanye West performed at the Grammys for the first time in six years, and the Twitterverse was both over and underwhelmed about it, depending on who you follow. Here’s what Twitter’s saying about Yeezus’ resurrection.

The Next Evolution of YouTube (Adweek)
Slowly but steadily there is a tier of video players — a collection of startups purporting to provide solutions to common complaints surrounding YouTube and other existing video platforms’ offerings; namely, poor revenue splits, creators’ inability to interact with viewers, and the challenge of finding new, related content. Here, we highlight four innovative platforms and how they’ve set themselves apart from the pack.

Why You Should Never Automate Your Twitter Marketing Campaigns (SocialTimes)
Using automation can certainly make your Twitter life easier, and there are situations where it is highly effective. However, automating an entire marketing campaign? It’s probably not a great idea.

The Key Components of a Content Manager’s Editorial Calendar (The Next Web)
Orchestrating a coherent content strategy and building a blog audience often requires the coordination on many pieces of content created by multiple content creators. Working from one editorial calendar is essential for the long-term success of your blog.

E! Launches ‘E! Style Collective’ – a Content Hub for Beauty and Fashion Social Influencers (LostRemote)
E! has launched “E! Style Collective,” a platform featuring beauty and fashion commentary from social influencers. Eonline had a record-breaking Q4 (2014), with 39 million average monthly multiplatform uniques – up 79 percent year-over-year.

Teen Who Allegedly Took Selfie with Dead Body is Charged with Murder (CNET)
Sixteen-year-old Maxwell Marion Morton from Jeanette, Penn., has been charged with first-degree murder, homicide and firearms possession. Police say that he shot his classmate Ryan Mangan in the face. Next, he allegedly took a selfie with the dead body and sent it to a friend via Snapchat.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Anita Borg Institute, Lean In Team Up on Lean In CS&E Chapter (SocialTimes)
Facebook, LinkedIn, the Anita Borg Institute and Lean In have announced the launch of the Lean In CS&E Chapter, which they described as a global network of Lean In Circles focused specifically on women who are studying or interested in the computer science and engineering fields. Those women can connect with counterparts and gain access to support, resources and a robust network.

Google Buys Photo Backup App Odysee to Bolster Google+ (VentureBeat)
Google has acquired yet another app to improve its social network. This time it’s Odysee, an app for backing up photos from you phone to your desktop.

How to Get the Most From Your Social Marketing Investment (SocialTimes)
According to a Marketo-sponsored report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, 40 percent of marketers plan to invest the majority of their marketing budget into social. According to Elaine Feeny, CEO of social intelligence company Wayin, making a bigger investment in social is an effective use of marketing dollars.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

#JeSuisCharlie Used More Than 5 Million Times on Twitter

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Living On Bitcoin

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