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Facebook allows page admins to save, backdate posts

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Facebook recently gave many page admins a powerful feature: the ability to save drafts of posts and backdate posts.

Through this feature, page admins can now compose a draft of a post, save it for later, and post it when it’s ready.

Page admins can access drafts in the activity menu.

unnamed-5To see if you have this feature, look for a toggle button next to the Post button.

unnamed-4Readers: How will you use this feature?

Credits: Matteo Gamba, Bluemoon/Faceblog, 123 Hellas.

Infographic: Average Facebook page performance, Sept. 2014

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Is your Facebook page performance up to par?

Every month, Quintly (formerly AllFacebook Stats) compiles the average key performance indicator stats for Facebook pages of all sizes. While this tally doesn’t break down into verticals, it shows how Facebook pages of different sizes are doing in terms of engagement. For instance, in September, 13 percent of engagement for pages with 10,000 to 100,000 fans and 100,000 to 1 million fans were shares. Likes are still the most dominant form of engagement across the board.

The infographic also shows how often pages of different sizes post. Want to see how your page is performing, compared to these averages? Look below.

quintly Infographic: The Average Facebook Page Performance For September 2014

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Study: Clickthrough rate continues to rise as reach drops on Facebook

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Pages’ posts reach a smaller amount of their Facebook fanbase, but those who do see posts are engaging more and clicking on posts — according to a study by Komfo.

The study took into account 8,000 brand pages internationally from August 2013 to August 2014, finding that overall clickthrough rate is up 48 percent year-over-year, but fan penetration is down 55 percent year-over-year.

Komfo notes that in August 2013, the brand pages monitored were reaching 25.2 of their audience. That was cut to 14.53 percent in November, and now sits at 11.34 percent.

However, just as Facebook said, fans who do see a page’s posts are the most likely to click through content. Anna Brill Jørgensen, Komfo’s Marketing Manager commented on what this tells us about the current state of Facebook marketing:

This tells us that social media marketers are transitioning from seeing Facebook as a free platform for brand messages, where the success criteria is to get as many updates pushed out to as many people as possible, into focusing on the value of true dialogue and engagement.

Of course, Facebook is also encouraging brands to make more engaging content by rewarding page posts with high CTR by showing them to more users.

As page admins have reported widespread reductions in organic reach (and many see that paid reach is getting harder to come by, too), Facebook notes that the trade-off is higher CTR and higher engagement. Facebook’s reasoning with the reach reduction is that messages are getting to the people who would be most likely to take an action. However, the decreased reach metric continues to leave a bad taste in page admins’ mouths and make them a little less willing to become serious advertisers.

Readers: Have your engagement metrics grown over the past year?

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Facebook adds page admin panel next to News Feed

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Facebook is trying to make things a little easier for page admins by showing a breakdown next to News Feed of post and ad performance.

Several page admins have been seeing a feature that Facebook is apparently rolling out, where information about recent posts and ads shows up to the right of the News Feed. Hat tip to Kevin Mullett, Director of Product Development at Cirrus ABS, for sending this to Inside Facebook.

When this does appear for page admins, a blue bubble appears with the text, “Quickly see how your recent posts and ads are performing, and use the Shortcuts link to take action.”

From this panel, page admins can drill down to individual post performance, boost highly-performing posts and get a general sense of how the page is doing this week in terms of new likes and reach.

Mullett noted that this feature isn’t perfect, as he found that posts done by another admin of the page didn’t show up in this breakdown.

For page admins who don’t want this, the panel can be collapsed by selecting that option from the top-right menu.

Readers: Do you find this useful?

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

The $1 Million Race For The Cure To End Aging

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aging, elderly hands clasped

What Students Really Carry Back To School

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Facebook improves event ads, launches insights

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Facebook has made the event much more powerful for page admins.

In the next few weeks, Facebook is rolling out the ability to make it easier to promote events (not just boost a post about an event), as well as insights showing how many people have seen the event.

One of the first major changes coming to pages is that they can create ads to drive event responses. These ads can be created via the Ad Create tool and Power Editor.

Facebook described this in a blog post:

To make it easier for businesses to reach even more people for their events, we’re announcing new features that help Pages promote their events and see how they’re performing.

In the coming weeks, Pages will be able to create ads for desktop and mobile News Feed that boost awareness of events and drive responses. Previously, these types of ads were only shown in the right-hand column on desktop.

eventadAnother major change is the addition of insights to events. When page owners receive this capability, they will be able to see:

  • The number of people who’ve seen a link to the event on Facebook
  • The number of people who’ve viewed the event
  • The number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received

Facebook is also giving page admins the ability to give events a more prominent space on timeline:

For Pages that often host events, the Events tab is a great way to share upcoming events in a single view. (If you don’t see the tab on your Page, click the More menu and reorder your tabs so Events is one of the first to appear.) People that visit a Page on mobile can also scroll through the Upcoming Events section to see the events a Page is hosting that week.

In addition to the enhancements we’ve made to events for Pages, we’re also improving the events experience for people on Facebook. Each person’s events page has a new look and feel to better highlight their upcoming events and showcase new events, including suggested events based on information such as the Pages they like, their location and the day of the week.

eventstabReaders: What do you think of these new features?

Facebook testing rankings on page timelines

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While all place-based Facebook page admins can see how well their fans and customers have rated them, some page owners are now seeing how they stack up among the competition.

Inside Facebook reader Giannis Andrikopoulos of Greece noticed on his page that there’s now a ranking showing that it’s the No. 2-rated page in that category in his area.

It doesn’t appear that the ranking shows for non-admin users, so page admins can rest safe knowing that fans can’t see that they’re the No. 15 bakery in San Diego. It could also be a point of pride when a page hits that No. 1 ranking.

Readers: Have you seen this?

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Facebook admits month-long ‘discrepancy’ in reported reach, engagement metrics

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If the reach and engagement metrics you’ve seen on your Facebook page seem a little off, it’s because there’s been a bug affecting those figures. Facebook admitted to many page owners today that there is a discrepancy between the reported reach admins see on posts and the actual reach and engagement of a post.

Many page admins can see this message atop the dashboard:

There is a discrepancy in the engagement and reach metrics for all Page Posts and Boosted Posts between 5/30 and 6/30. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Facebook told Rachel Globus — social media strategist for ABC 10News in San Diego — who reported the problem to Inside Facebook, that the issue should be resolved early next week.

Readers: Have you seen this on your page recently?

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

Facebook redesigns, improves Pages Manager app for iOS, Android

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Facebook on Monday announced an update to the Pages Manager apps for both iOS and Android, making it easier for Facebook page admins to keep tabs on their page through mobile.

Here’s a look at the new features included in the app:

  • Easier access to admin tools
  • Quicker navigation to Page Activity and Insights
  • More direct access to an “action bar” that lets you quickly write a post, add a photo, edit your Page and more

Readers: What else do you want from Facebook’s Pages Manager app?

Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

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