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STUDY: Facebook Pages’ Organic Reach Is Not Quite Dead

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More People Share Personal Videos on Facebook Than YouTube, Says StudyThe conventional wisdom about Facebook pages is that organic reach is virtually nonexistent and posts with photos perform the best, but a study by social analytics and reporting firm Locowise poked holes in those theories.

Locowise analyzed 500 pages throughout February, totaling more than 215 million likes and accounting for some 27,000 posts, and it found that:

  • The pages’ average organic reach was approximately 7 percent of total likes, with that figure rising to 11 percent for pages with fewer than 10,000 likes. Those with 10,000 to 99,999 likes saw 6 percent reach, while those with more than 100,000 were at 5 percent.
  • Links drew the most organic reach, at 18 percent, followed by videos (9 percent), text-only status updates (9 percent) and photos (just 7 percent).
  • For pages with fewer than 10,000 likes, links garnered an even larger percentage of organic reach, 32 percent, followed by photos (11 percent), text-only status updates (10 percent) and videos (4 percent).
  • In the 10,000-to-99,999 group, links were tops with 16 percent of organic reach, followed by videos (11 percent), text-only status updates (10 percent) and photos (5 percent).
  • Pages with more than 100,000 likes posted similar results, with links accounting for 15 percent of organic reach, followed by videos (11 percent), text-only status updates (7 percent) and photos (5 percent).

Locowise said of its findings in an email to SocialTimes:

This data says you should stop posting photos directly but include stunning imagery in the thumbnail images of your link posts instead. Posting more links has the added benefit of you being able to gain more clicks to your website or blog. This makes it easier for you to track any organic ROI (return on investment) from Facebook, too.

It’s also important to note videos — which only a few months ago didn’t get much reach — have received an algorithmic bump since Facebook started focusing on video. Creating video content is now worth your consideration. If you already have videos, it is worth uploading videos from your YouTube channel directly onto Facebook, too.

The company also offered five points of action for page administrators:

  • Publish link posts if you want to reach more people organically.
  • Use stunning photos you would have posted directly as custom link thumbnails instead in order to gain more clicks and engagement.
  • If you run a larger Facebook page, start experimenting with videos uploaded directly to Facebook.
  • Start uploading your YouTube videos directly onto Facebook, too.
  • Remember that just posting a link post or video is not everything: Always try to be creative and engaging with any piece of content you post in order to boost your results.
  • Readers: What did you think of the findings by Locowise?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    MSNBC to Debut Two Daily Video Shows on Facebook

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    MSNBCLogo650MSNBC will team up with digital-video distributor NowThis on two daily video programs that will debut on Facebook, Variety reported.

    The cable news network and NowThis, partially owned by MSNBC parent NBC Universal, will debut:

    • Sound Off, which focuses on one morning breaking-news story for users to discuss.
    • FacePalm, which will be posted near the end of the day and looks at unusual events in the news.

    The two series will debut on the Facebook pages of MSNBC and NowThis.

    MSNBC president Phil Griffin said in a memo to staff, obtained by Variety, that the network and NowThis will also co-produce daily fare for Twitter, Vine and Snapchat, adding:

    If we’re serious about reaching younger audiences where they are, we have to create content in the formats that work for the platforms where they live. And we also must seek out other partners and content creators who are experts at doing this, and share our interest in compelling storytelling and innovation.

    Other news outlets have made similar moves on Facebook, including ABC News, which debuted daily Facebook newscast Facecast: The One Thing last December.

    Readers: How often do you watch news video content on Facebook?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    UPDATED: Why Facebook Pages’ Like Totals May Drop

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    March12LikesDownThe bad news: Starting March 12, Facebook page administrators may start seeing lower like totals for their pages. The good news: The vanishing likes aren’t legit, anyway.

    Reader Geoffrey Moffett of Triovia Media shared the screenshot above, in which page admins are seeing the following notice at the top of their admin panels:

    We’ve recently updated the way we measure how many people like your page. Pages may see a decrease in likes after March 12, when we removed likes from inactive Facebook accounts.

    UPDATED: Facebook confirmed the move in a Facebook for Business post, saying that the social network is focusing on accounts that were memorialized for deceased users, or voluntarily deactivated.

    Facebook explained the reasons behind the move:

    • Business results: Removing inactive Facebook accounts from page audience data gives businesses up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow their page and makes it easier for businesses to find people like their followers through tools like lookalike audiences.
    • Consistency: We already filter out likes and comments generated by deactivated or memorialized accounts from individual page posts, so this update keeps data consistent.

    And the social network informed page admins what they should expect:

    Over the coming weeks, page admins should expect to see a small dip in their number of page likes as a result of this update. It’s important to remember, though, that these removed likes represent people who were already inactive on Facebook.

    Going forward, any accounts that are voluntarily deactivated or memorialized will be removed from a page’s like count. If a deactivated account is reactivated, the account will be re-added to a page’s like count.

    Page admins: What do you think of this move by Facebook?

    Thumbs up/thumbs down image courtesy of Shutterstock.

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    5 Tips Toward Successful Social Promotions

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    Checklist650Are you concerned that your social media promotion may be a dud? This checklist from social promotions platform Amazly might help.

    Amazly offered more details on the five items included in its checklist:

  • Post it to Facebook and make it sticky: Posting to Facebook is great, but did you know that you can have a featured post sit right at the top of your wall? After posting your promo to your Facebook page, select “Pin to Top” from the top right of the post. It will stay at the top of your wall as the first thing people see when visiting your Facebook page.
  • Post it with appropriate image sizes for each social network: Not all pretty images are created equal. What’s perfect for Pinterest doesn’t work at all for Twitter or Facebook, especially if there’s text on it. Create captivating images that are the right size for each social network. An easy way to do this is by using a free tool like Canva, which has predefined sizes and layout templates for most social networks. Then use each image accordingly when posting your promo to social networks.
  • Test different headlines on Twitter and Facebook: Don’t just post once — post often! Don’t assume that every fan or follower will see your promo just because you posted it once. You’ll have much better results if you post at different times and with different headlines so you can see which methods perform best. This works best with Facebook and Twitter, not so great with others. Just remember to post other useful content in between so you’re not overloading your social stream with promotional content, which can appear spammy.
  • Take full advantage of your promo embed code: Did you know that every promo you create comes with an embed code so you can literally place it anywhere online? Think beyond posting to your own website. Are there other blogs, websites or services that could benefit from mentioning your promotion to their audience? If so, shoot them a message outlining the benefits that your promotion can offer their audience and include your embed code for them to post to their site. Instant promo growth :)
  • Try the Amazly Boost add-on (coming soon!): If you’ve never tried paid social advertising, then you should know it can make a huge impact on how many people you reach with your promotion. The only setback is that it can be difficult to figure out all of the intricacies of how to do it, and that’s where our Boost add-on comes in handy. We’ll promote your promotion for you on Facebook, Pinterest and even mobile display. You can just sit back and enjoy all of the leads coming your way. Keep an eye out for this one — it will be launching very soon!
  • Readers: Anything to add?


    Checklist image at top of post courtesy of Shutterstock.

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Certain Words Trigger Facebook Prompts to Page Admins, Urging Them to Create Ads

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    Facebook page administrators who use words like “discount” in posts for their pages may be prompted to create ads.

    Reader Veronica Gentili shared the screenshot to the right (in Italian, as she is based in Italy), in which she was prompted to create an ad by Facebook after using the Italian word for “discount” in her post.

    Page admins: Have you seen anything similar?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    State of the Union: 13.8M+ Posts from 5.7M Facebook Users

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    2015StateOfTheUnion650The State of the Union address by President Barack Obama Tuesday night spawned more than 13.8 million posts, likes and comments from some 5.7 million Facebook users between 3 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET Tuesday.

    The most-talked-about moment of the night was Obama’s response to Republicans’ applause after he said, “I have no more campaigns to run.” The president countered with, “I know, cause I won both of ‘em,” which led to the hashtag #IWonBothOfThem trending in the U.S.

    Facebook data analyst Dustin Cable and global politics and government manager Katie Harbath said in a Facebook Media blog post that the top five issues being discussed on the social network prior to the speech were:

  • Terrorism
  • Obamacare
  • Immigration
  • Jobs and the economy
  • Israel and Palestine
  • Following Obama’s speech, that list changed to:

  • Jobs and the economy
  • Community college
  • Taxes
  • Minimum wage
  • Middle class
  • Cable and Harbath also said more than 60 percent of members of Congress posted about the State of the Union on their Facebook pages Tuesday, with those posts including videos, question-and-answer sessions and Instagram photos. For highlights, please see the Facebook Media blog post.

    On the media side, Obama’s “I won both of ‘em” moment was a big hit on Facebook for NBC News, as its post reached more than 16 million users, and it had tallied more than 5.43 million views, nearly 200,000 likes, more than 80,000 shares and nearly 23,000 comments at the time of this post.

    Readers: Did you interact on Facebook during the State of the Union address Tuesday night?

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    REPORT: Most Questions Posted to Facebook Pages Remain Unanswered

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    Facebook pages are answering more questions posted by users, but more than one-half of those queries are still left hanging, according to the latest research from social analytics provider Quintly.

    Quintly analyzed some 91,000 pages with more than 1,000 likes and examined a total of 18.6 million user-submitted questions, defining response rate as the number of questions answered within 14 days.

    The last time Quintly performed a similar study, last May, it found an average response rate of 42.4 percent between Jan. 1, 2013, and April 30, 2014.

    This time around, Quintly found that 45.4 percent of questions were answered within 14 days from Jan. 1, 2013, through Jan. 4, 2015 — up from last May’s study, but still below 50 percent.

    Readers: Why do you think more than one-half of questions posted to Facebook questions remain unanswered?


    Image of question marks courtesy of Shutterstock.

    Article courtesy of SocialTimes Feed

    Facebook admins can choose to have map, ratings on page

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    Some Facebook place-based page admins are seeing an option to add a map of their business area, as well as check-in and rating data on their page.

    Inside Facebook reader Matteo Gamba noticed this recently.

    While pages have had maps, ratings and check-ins for a while, this feature allows admins to toggle it on or off.

    Readers: Have you seen this?

    Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

    Top 25 Facebook pages: January 2015 — FC Barcelona, Real Madrid pass King of Pop

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    Soccer teams and players continue to get more popular on Facebook. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to challenge Shakira for the title of most popular person on Facebook and recently, two popular clubs surpassed a musical icon on our monthly top 25 pages leaderboard.

    According to statistics from Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have surpassed Michael Jackson on our list of 25 pages with the most likes on Facebook.

    Look below to find the 25 pages with the most likes, as of Jan. 2, 2015.

    The rating, at the right of the chart, is Socialbakers‘ figure of how likely a user is to recommend the page to friends.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 7.33.28 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 7.33.38 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 7.33.45 AMTop image courtesy of FC Barcelona on Facebook.

    Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

    Facebook adding featured video module to pages’ video tab

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.24.19 AM

    Facebook has been prompting pages to post more video directly to the site, instead of uploading content to YouTube. Now it looks like pages could be further incentivized to embrace video.

    According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing a featured video module on pages’ timelines, and plans to roll it out in the future.

    Here’s what TechCrunch said about this new feature, which is live on select pages such as ABC News:

    All businesses will soon be able to choose a featured video to be displayed extra-large with a live comment feed atop their Page, and cobble together playlists of more of their videos. This makes the Videos tabs of Pages look and feel a lot like YouTube Channels. TechCrunch spotted the new design and features on ABC News’ Page, and the company confirms it testing the format with a handful of Pages, and plans to roll it out to them all in the coming weeks.

    Pages will get this new design (accessible in the videos tab) automatically. If a featured video is not designated by the page admin, then the featured video would just be the one most recently uploaded.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.24.26 AMReaders: What do you think about this reported new feature?

    Article courtesy of Inside Facebook

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