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Want to know who to vote for? IBM’s Watson Elections will make an emotional decision for you

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Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders Gain Engagement Ground (Study)

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Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are still trailing in the polls, but they made big engagement moves on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

Data, analytics and insights provider Engagement Labs released its eValue social media measurement tool data for the presidential candidates in April, and its findings included:

  • Cruz bypassed front-runner Donald Trump in Facebook engagement, but Trump added the most likes in April, more than 347,000.
  • Sanders also added some 315,000 new Facebook likes.
  • On Twitter, Sanders generated the most retweets, likes and mentions per 1,000 followers.
  • Hillary Clinton topped Sanders in new followers, with some 209,500.
  • Trump added the most followers in April, about 412,500.

Engagement Labs CEO Bryan Segal said in a release announcing the results:

As the U.S. presidential race inches closer to naming an official nominee for each party, the candidates’ social media performances are reflecting the changes seen on the campaign trail. The Democratic Party saw Bernie Sanders gain extensive ground with younger voters, while Republican candidate Donald Trump continues to gain the most followers month-after-month, even with increased competition from Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich. With a decrease in debates and an increased focus on the primaries, candidates are moving to social media to engage voters in their campaigns for upcoming electoral events.

Trump has consistently used his social media platforms to voice his opinions on hot-topic issues, which has solidified his high engagement scores throughout the race. As the competition heats up and other candidates rise in popularity, using social channels simply for this purpose won’t be enough. Cruz’s election momentum is being translated online, enabling him to surpass Trump on Facebook. In addition, Kasich is doing extremely well on Twitter, using the platform to engage directly with citizens. Voters are looking for relatable candidates who post relevant content addressing their concerns and also take the time to communicate with their voters.

With his platform resonating well with younger voters, who are known to be active users on social media, Sanders is seeing his brand soar online. Clinton’s campaign must focus on the content it is posting to expand its connection with audiences. While Clinton has a robust following, the content she’s sharing is not as engaging and relevant as Sanders’ content, causing her to lag on social media.

Readers: Do you follow any of the presidential candidates on Facebook or Twitter?


Photos courtesy of Ted Cruz Facebook page, Bernie Sanders Facebook page, respectively.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes

Supreme Court affirms Google Books scans of copyrighted works are fair use

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ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 16, 2015: Tatiana Tychina from scanning department of Presidential library performs digitization of books of St. Petersburg State University's scientific library (Photo: Lilyana Vynogradova/Shutterstock)

Being iOS App Lets You Experience Instagram as Another User

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New York-based startup Pressto, Inc. has launched its newest app, Being, on iOS. The app allows users to browse Instagram from the perspective of another user, like a celebrity.

With Being, users can browse trending Instagram accounts, can search for specific Instagram users and can browse users in lists like ‘presidential candidates,’ ‘pop stars’ and ‘techies,’ as examples.

Once users select an account, the app replicates the account’s ‘following’ feed so users can view the public content the selected user would currently see if they opened Instagram. For instance, users can select Hillary Clinton, and view public content from the 68 users the presidential candidate is currently following.


In a blog post, Adam Mashaal, founder of Being, said:

Once built, my team and I took the app for a test run by seeing what Instagram looked like from the perspective of some of our favorite celebrities and brands. The first user we loaded was Taylor Swift … The feeling I got when her feed first loaded was indescribable. Scrolling through her feed and seeing posts from her friends and her favorite brands (all 83 of them, compared to the 66 million people that follow her), it felt like we were connecting with this larger-than-life pop star on a personal level.

We quickly realized the same feeling of connection applied when viewing Instagram from just about anyone’s perspective.

While Being can be used without logging into Instagram, users can also connect their Instagram account to the app to like posts or follow users they discover on other users’ feeds.

Being is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes | RSS Feed

Donor Data Is The New Currency Of Presidential Candidates

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Will 2016 See The End Of Closed-Source Politics?

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Presidential Candidate John McAfee To Talk At Disrupt SF

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INNOVATE2016: Understanding The Zignal To Noise Ratio In The Presidential Race

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White House

The Push To Bring Tech Efficiencies To Government Bureaucracies

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Rand Paul Appoints Bitcoin-Friendly Overstock CEO To Tech Counsel

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