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Facebook Updates Origami User-Interface Design Tool

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Origami2PresentationModeOrigami, the user-interface design tool Facebook used to help create or improve applications including Instagram, Messenger, Paper, Slingshot, Hyperlapse and Rooms, released two major updates.

Origami Live for iOS allows developers to run their Origami prototypes on the iPhone and iPad.

And the new version of Origami for the Mac, Origami 2.0, adds new features including code exporting, gesture support, sketch integration and a presentation mode.

Product designer Brandon Walkin offered more details on Origami Live and Origami 2.0 in a post on Facebook’s engineering blog:

Since releasing Origami, the most common feature request has been the ability to run prototypes on iOS. We’re excited to release this feature today. Just install Origami Live from the App Store, plug in your device and you’ll instantly be able to interact with your prototype right on your iPhone or iPad while editing it live. You can quickly try new ideas — using multitouch, device sensors, etc. — and fine-tune them with ease, without writing any code. Then, with your device in hand, your team members or users can try out a high-fidelity prototype that looks and feels like a final product.

When you design and build Origami prototypes, you’re creating a high-fidelity replica of the end product. Once you’ve landed on something you like, you work with your engineers to make the real product look and feel like the prototypes. This is usually a very time-consuming process, in which the designer creates many detailed specs and the team spends time iterating to get the product to be close to the prototype. Often, the product doesn’t quite match the prototype in the end. In Origami 2.0, we’re solving this problem with a new feature called Code Export. With the click of a button, you can export your prototype as code. It generates files for iOS, Android and the Web with code snippets for the animations you’ve created in your Origami file. Your engineers can copy and paste sections of this file into their code to quickly get animations identical to what’s in the prototype. No specs required.

We’ve improved the way you can present your prototypes. In Origami 2.0, you’re able to go into full screen, show off your prototype in a phone with a hand and a touch point in front of beautiful backgrounds — all while you’re controlling the prototype with an iPhone or iPad running Origami Live, or with your trackpad. If you want to show someone a multitouch or phone rotation interaction, he or she can use it on the device, and the screen will be mirrored live on the TV to the rest of the room so others can see what’s going on.

With our new Sketch plugin we’re introducing today, it is much easier to keep your prototype in sync with your latest visuals. Origami 2.0 lets you link up layers in your Origami prototype with Sketch layers. With the press of a button, you can update every asset in your prototype with the latest graphics from your Sketch document. This all happens immediately, while the prototype is still running. If you’re a Photoshop user, Origami also supports live links to Photoshop files.

Developers: What will you do when you get your hands on Origami Live and Origami 2.0?


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Triptease Raises $2M To Help Hotels Increase Direct Bookings

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Triptease Price Check for Press

Visual Hashtag App Markr Moves At Speed of Social

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Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.32.30 AM

Hashtags are such a part of our digital language these days that #almosteverything is automatically #hashtagged even if it’s for a Facebook post, to make a point, or designate the course of the conversation. Rather than recreate your witticisms on each platform you plan to post, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a visual hashtag attached to a single image that is distributed to all your platforms simultaneously? There is.

A new app called Markr, just released on iOS, distinguishes itself from similar services due to its “shotgun” style approach, meaning it fires on all social cylinders at once, reaching your target audience across multiple fields in a single blast, at the speed of a bullet. At the speed of social.

As Markr co-founder Joseph Collins explains in the press release:

We wanted to make a faster, smarter way for people to produce content they want to share and make it easy to do so via multiple outlets.

To which co-founder Joshua Basinger adds:

The goal is to increase visual literacy on social media.

Basically, the ingenuity of this app lies in its user-friendly simplicity, in addition to its aesthetic innovation. Rather than select and upload a different image/hashtag for each of your outlets, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc., the app allows the user to create a one-size-fits-all photo or video with the hashtag of choice strategically superimposed, then send it out! To make one’s social life even easier, the visual hashtag meets the technical qualifications of each individual platform, meaning a “text bar” is not required for the image to display properly.

Markr is also super fast, and speed of delivery is essential, of course – particularly when capturing life’s moments, or when trying to generate buzz in your social community via immediacy, which is not the same as urgency.

Also, beyond inspiring envy, your friends and family want to know stuff like when/how you popped the question (as well as the answer), or be among the first to virtually meet your newborn, or share in other life milestones – even sad ones, like the passing of a loved one. No one wants to feel out of the loop. Markr gets the word out with a matching image and memorable or pertinent hashtag instantly, to all your peeps via all your platforms at the same time. It’s hard to think of an easier way of conveying a message or moment to as many folks in your social network as possible, short of a group text or picking up the phone (but who does THAT these days?).

But don’t worry about having to make your own news each time you want to touch base. The app also suggests trending topics so you won’t feel left out of the global discussion at any given moment, either. And it might actually make you trendy. In a good way.


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New Year, New Site

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SocialTimes_640x480Welcome to the new SocialTimes, now a part of the Adweek Blog Network. We’ve been bringing you the best of social media since the dawn of social media on our sites AllFacebook, InsideFacebook, AllTwitter, InsideMobileApps and InsideSocialGames. Now we’re giving you a one-stop shop for all things Social with the new SocialTimes. From breaking Facebook news, to the latest Twitter trends, from to the hottest apps, to the newest games, the reporters and editors of SocialTimes will bring you the scoops and tips to keep you socially aware.

This press release contains more information about the new Adweek Blog Network.

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Tales Of CES: How Many Selfie Sticks Are Too Many?

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Creative Soundblaster

Actually, Our Greatest Hopes Lie With Techies

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SwiftGate And The Future Of Music

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Taylor Swift at 2014 AMAs

These Aren’t The Drones You’re Looking For

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doorman blade

W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete

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Back Camera

Roku Tops 10 Million Media Streamers Sold

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