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Santa Might Have To Check eBay And Craigslist To Get You A Samsung Gear VR

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Equity Crowd Funding Platform OurCrowd Raises $25M Series B

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Funding iPad keyboards on Kickstarter is one thing. But equity crowd funding is pretty hot right now. And today OurCrowd out of Israel has closed a $25 million Series B funding round – a pretty big one for this sector. Terms of who led the investment were – unusually – not disclosed, but we understand Geoff Levy, former CEO and Chairman, Investec Bank Australia, invested… Read More

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FireChat For iOS Is A Hyperlocal Anonymous Chat Network That Doesn’t Need An Internet Connection

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We all know that chat apps are pretty hot right now and there are plenty of companies hoping for a WhatsApp-like exit. For the most part, all of those apps are pretty similar, but FireChat, which is launching today, adds a new and fun twist to this genre. It’s a hyperlocal chat network for iOS that even works when you don’t have an Internet connection. Read More

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Ashton Kutcher And Madonna’s Manager Invest In Tiny Berlin Startup. What Gives?

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Not a lot is known about Amen, a stealth-mode startup out of Berlin.

What we do know is that it’s pretty hot and the talk of Berlin. A slect few have been been given access to its Beta and are coming up with statements like “strangely addictive”, at least according to the startups itself.

Whatever it is, sources tell us it’s caught the eye of investors in the shape of celebrity tech investor Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, who just happens to be Madonna’s manager. This is quite some quota of fame right there, so clearly Amen is onto something that could be pretty mainstream.

And the amount?

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