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OpenClassrooms Launches First MOOC-Based Bachelor Degree Recognized By French State

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Microsoft Doubles Down On Office For Android Tablets

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Pinterest Launches Developers Platform

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A few days after launching its Marketing Developer Partners program, Pinterest announced its Developers Platform, a suite of application programming interfaces for developers to build apps and integrations.

Developers can apply for beta access, but the program is only available in U.S. for now.

Josh Inkenbrandt, a product manager on the Pinterest Developer Platform team, blogged about the news:

On Pinterest, people have saved over 50 billion Pins. As a developer, you’ll have the chance to build something that makes those Pins a reality, like apps for ordering ingredients from a recipe Pin or booking trips based on travel Pins.

When Pinners sign in to your app with Pinterest, you can:

  • Build a personalized, curated experience based on their boards and Pins
  • Let people easily create multiple Pins or boards to get more of your content distributed across Pinterest

Readers: What do you think of this new platform from Pinterest?

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Pinterest Adds Tools For Marketers To Post Better Pins

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Facebook Gets Vice, The Onion, And More To Make “Anthology” Viral Videos For Advertisers

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facebook anthology

Sign Up To Volunteer At Disrupt NY

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Apple’s Trade-In Program Now Includes Non-Apple Smartphones And PCs

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Kenshoo Anywhere App Users Can Now Manage, Adjust Campaigns

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KenshooAnywhereiPhoneUsers of Kenshoo Anywhere, the iOS application from Kenshoo, a Facebook Marketing Partner, can now manage and adjust ad campaigns on the social network directly via their mobile devices.

Kenshoo announced an update to its app Monday, giving users the capability to react to news and events by viewing and adjusting their campaigns via their iOS devices. Users can pause and activate campaigns, as well as setting custom date ranges. The company said the update also added improved navigation of profile and campaign names and date ranges.

Prior to the update, Kenshoo Anywhere only offered users custom reporting dashboards to view performance reports across various digital marketing assets and metrics.

Kenshoo senior vice president of product Will Martin-Gill said in a release announcing the app update:

Brands and agencies have long sought the ability to optimize their campaigns in conjunction with changes in the competitive landscape and other real-time events, something that was nearly impossible to do without having access to their program at all times. The updated Kenshoo Anywhere app gives marketers the ability to react to news and events as they happen and adjust their campaigns accordingly. This flexibility ensures that Kenshoo clients can instantly capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.

Readers: Which apps, if any, do you use to manage your Facebook ad campaigns via your mobile devices?

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Apple Said To Be Planning OS X-Like Public Beta Seed Program For iOS, Too

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Lenovo Says Pre-Loaded Adware Is No Longer Active And Pre-Installation Stopped In January

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