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In its VR/AR push, Twitter trolls itself

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Topps Launches Topps NHL Skate Trading Card App

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Topps announced the release of Topps NHL Skate, a trading card app that allows users to collect and trade digital cards featuring real National Hockey League players.

In Topps NHL Skate, users begin by opening a free pack of trading cards, and they can purchase additional card packs in the game’s store using coins. Users begin with 25,000 free coins, and they can earn or purchase additional coins over time. In addition, the store may sometimes contain free card packs for users to open.

Topps NHL Skate Screenshots

As users collect cards, they can trade cards with other users around the world to complete their collections. Users can trade up to 18 cards in a single trade.

In addition to regular trading cards, the app includes special video trading cards in a set called Topps FOCUS. These cards allow users to watch NHL video clips of the moments that led to the images on the cards. These cards include video clips from the current NHL season.

Finally, in addition to collecting and trading cards, users can compete in contests with other players for a chance to win in-app rewards. Contests are based on real-world NHL games that will take place in the near future. For each contest, users can participate by playing cards that contain athletes from the teams that are going to compete in the real-world games. As these athletes play in the real world, users can earn points in the app, which will help them climb the contest’s leaderboard.

In a statement, Jeremy Strauser, vice president and general manager of Topps Digital, commented:

Fans of the NHL are a passionate and tech-savvy group so we’re excited to offer them a new way to collect and trade their favorite players and moments in Topps NHL Skate. We are particularly proud to debut Topps FOCUS video cards, as Topps continues to lead the market with innovation and define what is possible on digital cards.

Topps NHL Skate is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes

What the heck is Station F? Find out from Roxanne Varza at Disrupt London, Dec 5-6

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Google’s new Sprayscape app is a purposely imperfect

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Tech companies and the global rise of e-sports

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Check out this epic, expertly executed $77k Indiegogo backer troll

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VideoBlocks wants stock media to keep it real, launches “Authentic” collection

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A stock photo from VideoBlocks' Authentic Collection.

Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph

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CV resume shredder

MIT creates video you can reach out and touch

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‘Silicon Valley’ co-creator Mike Judge is coming to Disrupt SF

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