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What In The Hell Is A #TacoEmojiEngine?

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Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention to Twitter’s New “Like” Button

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It’s official – Twitter has killed off the “Favorite” and replaced it with a “Like.” Along with a terminology change, they also swapped out the star for a heart. And while this might appear to be a superficial change, it’s going to impact marketers in a big way.

More likes, more users

For starters, it’s important to understand the likely reasoning behind Twitter’s decision to change the icon.

Twitter has had a problem with user growth since its IPO. Part of this is no doubt due to the somewhat confusing syntax (What’s a RT mean? Why do I need to use the @ symbol?) that newbies have to learn in order to join in a meaningful conversation. The new “Like” works towards changing that.

Thanks to Facebook, Liking something has become ubiquitous. It is something that consumers instinctively understand. And you can bet that Twitter made the decision to rebrand the favorite so that more new users would “get” Twitter’s functionality off the bat.

So what does this mean for marketers? If Twitter has its way, this move (combined with other initiatives from reinstated CEO Jack Dorsey) will bring new users to the service. And that means new consumers to see your tweets.

Tweeting for an audience that is new to Twitter requires a different strategy than tweeting for an audience that’s been around for some time. Once the impact of the Like button and other initiatives have been felt, you may need to adjust your strategy to welcome newbies – reducing the number of hashtags in your tweets, for instance, or linking to beginner Twitter how tos for more visibility.

A positive, universal appeal

A heart has emotion built-in. A star? Not so much. Plus, hearts are internationally recognized as symbols for love and positivity, while a star may have different meanings in different cultures.

Going forward, Liking something on Twitter will have emotional implications. There will probably be fewer people using Likes as bookmarks, and more people using them to express positivity towards the content of the tweet they are Liking.

Marketers managing a Twitter account may begin to see more Likes of the positive, share-worthy content they tweet.

On the flip side, if people begin to use Twitter’s Like button like they do on Facebook, marketers might also encounter something less-than-optimal: fewer retweets and replies. If their audience feels that Liking their tweet is “good enough” to show that they appreciated its content, they may be less inclined to retweet to show the same sentiment. This could mean less reach and exposure to new audiences.

Time to dust off your favorites strategy

Whether you’ve been using favorites as part of an engagement strategy, to say thank you, or just to save great tweets, it’s time to reevaluate.

Consumer behavior is going to change on Twitter, and while the change might be subtle, the marketers that can adapt quickest will benefit.

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Twitter Found Love In A Fave-Less Place

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25 Tips to Double Your Twitter Followers

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It can be frustrating to tweet, day in and day out, and watch your followers number not budge an inch. Sure, you might get two new followers one day, lose three the next, and gain another one the next. But if the trend isn’t upwards, your Twitter marketing likely isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

Since the average Twitter user has a bit over 200 follower, it’s not that difficult to double this number quickly. But if you’re sitting pretty at 1,000, 5,000 or more, you can use these tactics below to double your followers too – it just might take a little longer.

Here are 25 tips to double your Twitter followers:

The basics

  1. Refresh your bio (or fill it out for the first time, if you haven’t done that yet).
  2. Update your profile picture.
  3. Change your cover photo semi-frequently to showcase your employees, workspace or product.
  4. Tweet more frequently. Several times a day if you can.
  5. Reply to anyone who @mentions or @replies to you on Twitter.
  6. Follow anyone who follows you (as long as they are relevant to your reason for being on Twitter).
  7. Use more images in your tweets (which you can do even if your product is ugly).
  8. Retweet tweets from thought leaders and influencers in your industry.
  9. Ask for retweets.
  10. Set and work towards SMART Twitter marketing goals.
  11. Advanced tactics

  12. Use hashtags in your tweets to get them more reach and exposure.
  13. Pin important/interesting/engaging tweets to the top of your profile.
  14. Use Twitter lists to listen to your customers, industry or competitors.
  15. Schedule your tweets using a service like HootSuite or Buffer.
  16. Review your Twitter analytics dashboard to see what types of tweets got the most engagement and create more tweets that are similar.
  17. Network with thought leaders and influencers in your industry by replying to their tweets and striking up a conversation.
  18. Use tools to discover great new content to share.
  19. Use Twitter’s analytics to create better, more engaging content to attract more followers.
  20. Use Twitter search to find new, relevant accounts to follow in the hope that they will follow you back.
  21. Let everyone in your other networks know that you have a Twitter account. Post your Twitter handle to Facebook, LinkedIn, in your email signature, on your in-store signage, etc.
  22. Live tweet during events, and use the appropriate event hashtag.
  23. Time your tweets so that you are tweeting when your target audience is online.
  24. Bonus tips

  25. Purchase Twitter’s promoted account ad product to get your account in front of targeted follower.
  26. Join the conversation happening in your local community. This is especially useful for small, local businesses looking to gain more local customers.
  27. Host a Twitter chat. This can be time-consuming, but it will also put your account front-and-center as a thought leader in your industry.

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Does Wall Street Like What It’s Hearing From Twitter (Again)?

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You Can Now Tie Your Twitter And Vine Profiles Together, Vine Displaying Your Total Loops

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Twitter Might Ditch The 140-Character Limit: What This Means For Marketers

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Pushup Social Adds Social Media To All The Things

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Google Brings Tweets To Desktop Search Results

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Gnip Launches Full-Archive Search API To Provide Instant Access To Nine Years Worth Of Tweets

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