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3 Inherent Influencer Benefits From Twitter’s New Updates

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Tweets may be sweet for influencers already, but these microblog posts are about to become even more viable for sharing messages and content thanks to new system updates.

Twitter announced in May that changes were on the way regarding how users met the 140-character limit. According to The Verge, those changes could arrive as soon as Sept. 19, and this has also been confirmed by Re/code.

So what do these changes look like, and how do they affect the way users—particularly brands and influencers—interact on Twitter? In short, brands can have more productive interactions with customers, and influencers working with brands now have more promotional opportunities at their fingertips. By changing its posting procedures, Twitter is putting more emphasis and value on the content of tweets.

Snapshot of updates

Images, GIFs, videos and user polls added to the end of tweets will no longer count toward the character limit.

Twitter handles at the beginning of direct replies will not be included in character limitations anymore either.

Users will have the ability to retweet or block quote their own tweets.

Although links to blog posts and articles will continue to be subjected to the 140-character maximum, there are still several benefits that Twitter’s updates will have on the influencer community.

Say more with visual aids

It’s no secret that images, GIFs and videos are eye-catching, but many Twitter users have been unable to use them in their tweets and still get across the message they wish to convey. In fact, a report published by Twitter showed that tweets with images get 313 percent better engagement than text-only tweets.

After speaking with one of our influencers, Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, several ideas came to mind. She said:

When the Twitter changes roll out, influencers will now be able to add these visual aids to their tweets without infringing on the 140-character limit. For brands, this means they can pitch products, share testimonials and answer questions posed by consumers with more words and better graphics.

Influencers can now further showcase their sponsored content in exciting new ways. Traditionally, influencers shared a few tweets, perhaps with an image if the character count allowed, linking to their sponsored blog post. They might tweet this a few times during the course of the promotion, and that was the end of it.

Now, influencers can offer brands a wonderful opportunity for Twitter-only promotions that include more beautiful images and even video tutorials using the brand’s products, while still providing enough information in the text of the tweet to share relevant information, hashtags and the brand’s user name.

Provide more information with replies

Another update to the Twitter character count means brands can now start a reply to a customer with the customer’s Twitter handle and still have 140 characters to share their message. This update, coupled with the fact that graphics will no longer count toward the 140 characters, means brands can now offer a solution to the customer’s problem and include a graphic or video to further explain.

This also opens the door for more exciting and visually appealing Twitter chats. Let’s say, for example, that a paint company hosts a Twitter chat to introduce a new line of paint to its consumers. Brands and influencers alike can reply directly to customers participating in the Twitter chat with plenty of information in text, plus beautiful visuals to further illustrate the quality of the paint product.

Quote yourself for double the characters

How often have you had to break up a tweet into two parts just to express your full message? With the new rollout, you will now be able to quote your own tweet without sacrificing tweet count.

How does that work? Simply type your first tweet as usual and post it. Then quote that first tweet and type up to 140 characters in your second tweet. Voila! Now you have 280 characters all right there in one tweet.

Brands and influencers alike can say more without readers having to search their profile for the first or second half of a tweet to get the full story. Quoted tweets also carry over any media files that were included in the original tweet, which adds even more content value.

Final thoughts

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “Generally, we want to make sure we’re encouraging a whole lot more conversations on Twitter,” and the company has done exactly that by supplying users with additional runway to craft messages.

Brands need to be taking advantage of these new updates and view them as opportunities to foster deeper relationships with potential and existing consumers.

Influencers can leverage Twitter’s changes by further engaging their communities and improving the quality of their tweets.

Holly Pavlika is senior vice president of marketing and content at influencer marketing provider Collective Bias.

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Twitter launches an Alexa app

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Don’t cry because the headphone jack is over, smile because it happened

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Twitter for Android gets a “Night mode”

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Deleted Tweet archive PostGhost shut down after Twitter cease and desist

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Twitter Adds Periscope Button to iOS, Android Apps

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Twitter reminded its users that Facebook Live is far from the only live-video streaming option, adding a Periscope button to its iOS and Android applications.

Mashable reported that Twitter began testing the new button “with a small percentage” of Android users in May, extending that test to iOS earlier this month.

Twitter announced the new feature in a tweet (embedded below):

Ready to go live? Now everyone can tap a new button on iOS & Android to easily broadcast on #Periscope from Twitter! pic.twitter.com/tedpUN1QMA

— Twitter (@twitter) June 15, 2016

Users of Twitter’s iOS and Android apps can now add photos or videos to their tweets, or add live videos via Periscope, and those who have not yet installed the Periscope app will be prompted to do so.

Twitter users: What do you think of the new Periscope button?


Article courtesy of SocialTimes

Twitter quietly retires Magic Recs, a DM bot that recommended viral accounts and Tweets

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What Can You Measure on Twitter?

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You’re getting lots of retweets, clicks and eyeballs on your tweets. You know your Twitter account is doing great things for your brand … but you just can’t exactly explain how.

If you’ve been struggling to explain the value of Twitter to the higher-ups, you’re probably not measuring results well (or at all). In order to know what’s working and what’s not when it comes to all of that tweeting you’re doing, you’ve got to set objectives and define the metrics that you will measure to see how close you are to hitting them.

Here is a list of what you can measure on Twitter, and what each one will tell you about your successes–and where you need to improve.

  • Account growth: How many new followers you are adding each day/week/month. Useful for objectives like brand awareness.
  • Retweets: The number of retweets each of your tweets receives. Useful for objectives like reach, brand awareness, engagement with customers.
  • Favorites: The number of favorites each of your tweets receives. Useful for objectives like brand awareness, engagement with customers.
  • Replies: Who is replying to your tweets? What are they saying to/about your brand? Useful for objectives like engagement with customers, brand sentiment.
  • Mentions: The number of times your account is mentioned by others. Useful for objectives like brand awareness, engagement with customers.
  • Clicks on URLs: The number of clicks on a website you shared. Useful for objectives like website traffic from social media, customer acquisition.
  • Clicks to your profile: The number of clicks to your profile you see on each tweet. Useful for objectives like brand awareness, customer engagement.
  • Clicks on hashtags: The number of clicks on the hashtag(s) you share. Useful for objectives like brand (or event) awareness, customer engagement.

For most marketers, it isn’t possible–nor is it desirable–to try to measure and validate each one of the above metrics. Instead, choose the one(s) that will show you how close you are to achieving your objectives.

For instance, if you are exhibiting at a conference in two weeks and your goal is to use Twitter to raise awareness among attendees, you might want to measure hashtag clicks (How many people are engaging with the event hashtag?), retweets (How many people are sharing your tweets about the conference with their network?) and replies or mentions (Who is talking to you about the conference?). Alternatively, if you were the host of this conference, you might want to measure everything that an exhibitor would measure, plus clicks on the URLs you’re tweeting (Who is visiting your event page? Who is converting to a sale and buying a ticket?).

If you can zoom in on the metrics that matter most, you will be able to whip up impressive reports that showcase your big wins on Twitter, without being bogged down by irrelevant statistics. Plus, you’ll learn what worked–and what didn’t work–in the past so that you can improve going forward.

Readers: Which Twitter metrics have you focused on?

Article courtesy of SocialTimes

Twitter Users in Japan, U.K. Can Add Yelp Geotags to Tweets

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Yelp and Twitter are now intertwined in the U.K. and Japan.

Yelp senior vice president of business and corporate development Chad Richard announced in a blog post that Twitter users in those two countries can add geotags from Yelp to their tweets by tapping the location icon.

Richard added that a similar integration launched in Germany in March, and he said in his blog post Friday:

Tweets will now have more context with location names, Yelp ratings and business details and an easy way to see other tweets and photos tagged with the same location.

Yelp geotags also benefit business owners as they are now able to tag their businesses in tweets and extend their potential customer reach through their Twitter channel.

Richard said the integration is currently available to Yelp users via its iOS and Android applications, with the web to be added “soon.”

Readers: What do you think of this integration of Yelp and Twitter?


Article courtesy of SocialTimes

Use Twitter to Engage With Niche Audiences During Breaking News Events

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Twitter is the leading social network when it comes to breaking news. As such, journalists and other members of the media make up a significant portion of the network’s core user base. But is Twitter helpful when it comes to driving traffic to news sites? A report from Parse.ly examines some of the nuances behind Twitter traffic.

The numbers are fairly uninspiring when it comes to publishers on Twitter: 1.5 percent of their traffic comes from Twitter, eight tweets per post, three clicks per tweet and 0.7 retweets per original tweet. However, Twitter can be an important traffic source for publishers if they engage with audiences and provide sharable content.

Part of the mechanism of Twitter is users clustering around topics, either because they are having an extended conversation or because they are reacting to breaking news. For example, in March, there were 1.9 million tweets–6 percent of all tweets during the survey period–related to the U.S. presidential race. Publishers should recognize and participate in the conversations happening on Twitter, if they intend to drive traffic.

Twitter users also use the platform to find breaking news. During the terror attacks on Brussels last month, more than 92,000 tweets relating to news articles were posted, with 34,000 of those within the first six hours.


While Twitter is a relatively small traffic referral source–paling in comparison to Facebook (41.4 percent) and Google (39.5 percent), and referring only about 5 percent of traffic in the Parse.ly network, there’s no other service like it.

The Parse.ly report concludes:

Twitter acts as a “public square” where ongoing conversations happen around long-lived news topics. When it comes to breaking news, Twitter is a place journalists post their earliest reports and seek immediate confirmation of reports coming from other news outlets … News really does “start” on Twitter.

While it may be tempting to push resources towards major distribution solutions, like Facebook, catering to an engaged niche audience may be a better use of your time. 

View the full report here.

Article courtesy of SocialTimes

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